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What should be the next step?

Good Morning All

I was diognosed with Endometriosis at christmas 2015 through a laporoscopy, and have been going through various tests since such as MRI, CT and a colonoscopy to see if surgery is an option.

I have been in pain a lot and the tiresdness is just something else.

I am in the process of booking another appointment with the gyneocologist and was going to push to have the operation to have the endo removed from my bowel and ovaries.

Has any one else been through this and can offer any advise?

Thank you


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Yes, I have. I think it is best to research as much as you can to find who you want to be operated on. And then try to get on to the waiting list asap!

I was diagnosed with Endo October 2015 with an general gynecologist. I then researched for specialist centres and met with two consultants and decided to go with one who is 3.5 hours away from home. Going on a waiting list took 5 month since I saw the consultant. I was told 22 weeks wait when I got on the waiting list but now, I am told it will take another 2 months on top of 22 weeks till I have excision surgery!

Good luck! x


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