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2nd laproscopy and coil


Any advice appreciated.

I have stage 3 endometriosis and and going in for a second operation as my first was unsuccessful my ovaries are stuck together among many other parts of me too!! He said it was too risky but after not reacting to zoladex very well we have decided to do the surgery and take the risks. He's said about having a coil fitted during this procedure!

HaS anyone had any experience with the coil does it help? Is it worth having?!

He's said after this I will go to pain managment clinics regular to keep me comfortable pain wise I get really bad fibromyalga too and am in pain everyday so much so I actually felloy down the stairs yesterday when I had a sudden pain attack are the pain clinic good? What do they do with you?!


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I had two rounds of the Mirena (10yrs) & only recently had it removed when it came to the end of it's 5yr life.

It did work wonders for me bleeding wise, I went from unbearable periods to no periods or bleeding. Having it fitted in a lap is also way pref to it going in the conventional way as that does really hurt!

I was also told by a specialist that having it in 'saved my ovary' at one point.

Thats just my experience however, having it put in & taken out caused me concern but this forum helped me understand what I experienced was the norm there.

Good luck!



Thanks for this I want to do anything to save my ovaries as their in quite a bad state according to my Gynecologist I think as long as I have it during the op it'll be OK I wouldn't dare have it done awake I'm such a scary cat xxx

Thanks for the advice xxx


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