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Endo on cervix?


I was just pulling together some old medical records and found that in my first lap, 10 years ago, a large number of samples were taken, thought to be endometriosis but only two actually were. One was from my cervix? I don’t remember this at the time at all. The surgeon (an endo specialist) said he found some endo but didn’t believe it explained my symptoms (mild left side pelvic pain and mild, occasional spotting back then). Is endo of the cervix common? In another record from my consultation with him a few weeks months before the lap, it shows an endocervical polyp removed from cervix (benign pathology result) but I think these are common?

I am at my wit’s end trying to work out if I currently have endo or something else. My main symptom is pain in the left wall of my vagina, about 2/3 of the way up. Kind of a burning ache, worse when I sit, better when I exercise or lay down. I have no bowel or urinary symptoms and even my regular period pain is not very bad or heavy (just long – 3 days spotting – 3 or 4 normal – 3 spotting as it has always been). My lap last year showed only small amount of old endo but many adhesions present (and released. I had a c-section a few years back??) and some inflammation. Does this sound like endometriosis or not?

Thanks ☺

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