Cells on cervix?!

I went to the doctors last week due to having constant lower back pain, pain during sex and bleeding afterwards for a few days. I put this down to my endo been back but thought I would go see the doctor to be on the safe side. The doctor did an examination and it was so painful she had to stop.

She told me I had a large amount of cells on my cervix that shouldn't be there and referred me for a colposcopy.

Since then I have ended up quite poorly, my back pain has been unbearable, I have completely lost my appetite, my bowel habits are all over the place, I ended up having some days of work due to feeling so ill.

I am now so scared that these cells are going to be something bad and that's why I am feeling so poorly?

I wondered if anyone knew whether having abnormal cells on your cervix can cause these problems and make you feel unwell even if it isn't the worst case scenario?

I feel so silly and I feel like people think I am lying about the pain and feeling the way I am doing.


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  • Hi - do you know where you had endo found at your laps as you have symptoms of rectovaginal endo. This means between the back of your cervix and your bowel. The inflammation there irritates the bowel and causes IBS type symptoms and is likely to cause inflammation of the cervix too. So perhaps this is what has been seen. Rectovaginal endo will make you feel very poorly and you need to see a specialist in the condition. Hopefully the colposcopy will put your mind at rest, but I strongly recommend you then get a referral to a specialist centre. Click on my name and look at my post on rectovaginal endo to see what you identify with and the one on how to find a specialist centre. Where in the UK are you? x

  • Hi lindle, my first spot was found on my uterus and the second lots was dotted about in my womb, uterus (they didn't specify as much) the second time. I have always struggled with the pain and bleeding during sex (which I can just get on with) but I have neverfelt the general day to day pain before. Can this make your tummy very swollen? I do look like I'm 3-4 months pregnant all the time. I am in England so have access to lots I think? It's just making my life so hard I'm only 24 and it's really getting too me :( x

  • Hi - bloating is common with endo and some have it all the time and for others it fluctuates across the cycle. This is likely to be worse with rectovaginal endo which is so often missed in general gynaecology. The link below gives some tips on how to try and reduce it but ultimately you will need a thorough surgery in a specialist centre.x


  • That is such a great website so thank you very much for that :-) I will see what gets said at my colposcopy in a few weeks and mention this type of endo too. Thank you for your help x

  • Hello. I would agree with the recto vaginal endo. You can also have it in your vaginal wall so this could possibly be what your doctor was seeing as I also had this.

  • Is there lots of information around on this type of endo? I had my last operation last February and I spent 6 months of the pill so I think this is probably why it's come back and why it could of maybe come back pretty bad. It's so difficult not having anyone that knows what I am talking about around me and it makes you feel like you are just going crazy!

  • I know what u mean about going crazy. I don't feel there's an awful lot of info specifically about these places but just google it you will get something. I feel also that different consultants also have differing opinions regarding endometriosis. I see lots of girls saying they have had or are going to have hysterectomy because of endo but the consultant I saw most recently said he would never perform a hysterectomy for endo as it isn't a cure. It's so confusing sometimes

  • Yeah a hysterectomy is a massive operation to have especially when there is no cure to this horrible illness! It's so frustrating that people don't understand what you are going through and that there is no cure for it and you basically just have to get on with it and live with it :( thanks for your help!

  • Try not to worry. I had this when I was younger and it turned out to just be polyps which they were able to freeze off and in that sense I've been fine since.

  • Thank you :-)

  • Hi I recently had abnormal cells burnt off my cervix. I have stage 4 endo which compromises most of my lower abdomen and is on the outside of my left lung. It's all connected to my endo. Try not to worry too much lovely. They know about it and can treat it. Doesn't mean that it is anything nasty just endo giving us something else to deal with. We are all here for you whatever the result. Lots of love x

  • Thank you. I am also really worried whatever is going on with these cells and my endo it's going to end up effecting my fertility. My partner got mumps when he was 18 and it has really affected his fertility and we have as little as 2% chance of getting pregnant naturally on his side. I'm so worried now that this is going to cause us even more problems and we are never going to be able to have our own children :-(

    There's so much going on in my head it's driving me mad. I am in so much pain again today and I feel so horrible I've spent the whole day in bed which just seems ridiculous! X

  • Not ridiculous at all. I am experiencing the same thing. I have been referred to an infertility clinic to see if they can do anything to help me conceive before I have to have a complete hysterectomy. See there is always hope and that's what we need to cling to to help us through the darkest patches xx

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