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HRT for Endo

Hello everyone, I'm new here. I have had endo since (I think) my late teens but was only diagnosed at 30. I'm on a waiting list for my 2nd lap but it's going to be months away sadly. We were trying for a baby, but the docs have recommended that I go onto HRT to alleviate my pain symptoms, which are horrendous at the mo. I've never heard of HRT for endo before so I'm just reaching out to see if anyone else has experienced this. I'm curious if it worked for you? If there were any side effects etc? Thank you.

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No I've never heard of ladies taking hrt for endo symptoms not unless they are taking it along side zolodez injection that puts you into a temporary menopause, are you with a bsge specialist centre??? If not I would consider changing to one, good luck xxx


Thank you. No, I'm not with a bsge specialist centre. I've just had a look at the website but there aren't any near where I live. Fingers and toes crossed the HRT will help with the pain then : (


I have to travel 1/1.5 hours to my bsge centre but it's worth it to see specialist, xxx


Thank you Lisa. I'll take a look at her website. I have started to reduce dairy, but it's so hard (cheese!!). It's definitely worth a shot. I'm not sure how I'm going to cope like this for months waiting for the lap. Hope the diet continues to work for you. It sounds like you've had an awful time. Take care


Im in a simalar predicament to you, my partner and I are trying to concive, I had my first lap when I was 29 so was aware of the endo this had not helped matters! i have still been told to wait another year to keep trying which has annoyed me before they will consider another lap operation

So I am going to go back see snother doctor and push for fertility tests, I think knowing makes you parNoid and doesnt help matters.

Good luck with everything xx


That's what they told me last year! Wait another year! So I've waited and waited. I can't wait for my lap now. I shouldn't get my hopes up, but I'm hoping it will it easier to conceive. Good luck to you too x x

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Cant help but think they just fob you off!

im going to get another referal this week and push them!

How long have you been TTC for x


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