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Only a couple of month since surgery

Hi it's only been a couple of months since my daughter had her surgery to release adhesions and get rid of minimal endo she has been on the pill a few weeks before surgery and ever since back to back and has been bleeding give or take a few days constantly she has also been suffering from stabbing pains in the ame place as before lots of cramps and extremely exhausted any advise to combat the tiredness ? And in turn is prob causing depression about the whole situation

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Im thinking that after surgery,with this much surgery her iron levels might be low.

That will contribute to fatigue and depression.

This is two fold though,in that the bleeding is not normal and needs to be seen to.

The pill is causing some of this and is probably not right for her.

No pill will control bleeding through a surgery,its going to break through at some point.

Did they do a curette (d and c )?

If not,they should have as there cld be a hormonal imbalance now there with endo in the mix.

I would suggest stopping the pill and see if that pulls it up and relieves some of the cramping,step 1.

Go to the docs and have tests for iron deficiency and infections etc.

If that all does not stop it in a couple of weeks i would have the d and c.

Reset her clock so to speak if needed.

I hope she will be ok

Kind regards



Thank you rose some great suggestions she did go back to the doctor and he said to continue with the pill as it can take a while for your body to adjust she was never given a d & c so will pass on your info to her thanks again xx


Its funny i have noticed they seem to do endo without d and c which is odd.

Having the d and c at the same time rights any imbalance and also buys those ladies recovery time before their first period hits,if opting to go the natural method.

I think it should be standard to do both,make sure the uterus is good.

Rose xx

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hi, I'm no medical professional just a longtime sufferer passing on a tip.

I've had a number of ops myself and i would also suggest that she gets some iron supplements even if they are over the counter as the GPs are reluctant unless you levels are really low to give you anything. I use the spatone liquid sachets and lots of veg. The change in hormones if the pills new will make her tired.

I hope her bloods come back clear.


Thank you I took her to the doctors tonight and he was useless he has however changers her pill and told her to make an appointment to get bloods taken and the And the next appointment they can give her is not till next Wednesday what a joke she is feeling sick and dizzy but her blood pressure is fine and he doesn't think she is anaemic and possible she just has a virus infection and not endo related she has slept all day today And I can't help but worry about her but I guess We'll just have to see how she feels tomorrow as she starts work at 12


I’m so sorry to hear what you have been through, I understand a lot of what you mentioned! I really need someone’s help right now. Im only 17 years old, started my periods at 10 and was on the pill for 3 years which did stop the horrifyingly heavy clots I lose but made me gain weight like crazy. I am going back to a long 5 day week at college. I’m fed up of my family constantly telling me to just try and deal with my Endometriosis, stop complaining and take painkillers. 1. I can’t swallow pills very well since my impacted canine tooth and I have braces. 2. I get UTI’s very very often even from a young age and after every bladder procedure I’ve had including Bladder scan, (yes,even holding urine), pads that I have not changed recently or quick enough, my horrid urodynamics procedure which left me with a ton of UTI’s and chronic boughts of cystitis. The pill gave me so many UTI’s. Also last but not least a cystoscope which I was not looking forward to I am still suffering since beginning of July with bladder infections and I don’t know when I have an infection or not most of the time my dipsticks and even lab results keep changing all the time from normal to ton of white blood cells. Atm I’m having such horrid pain in my bladder but just recently came off antibiotics. I must’ve had like frigging 12 boxes of antibiotics in 3 months last year due to a consultant giving me a drug called “oxybutinin” then he tried destruvil I think? Both of them ended up stopping my whole urinary flow and I had none stop UTI’s due to not urinating hardly anything. Anyway sorry for rambling. I’m glad I don’t have Endo inside the bladder or IC which is a huge relief but I don’t know what to do, I can’t keep running to the doctors when my pee burns, bladder hurts/back or when I have a fever from my Endo. Etc. I take cranberry tablets they help increase my flow but its only a temporary solution and yes I have tried many natural products, D-mannose makes me so ill gives me diarreha and bad nausea and even marshmallow root so nope out of the question. Going to try stop my GP from keep recommending Mirena coil as I can’t stand pills I would literally commit suicide from the UTI’s and depression and weight gain. Endometriosis is truly horrible ;(. Sorry I never mentioned this earlier but the thread on here is about masturbation yeah? Well thank goodness I’m not crazy! My mum kept telling me masturbation can not cause UTI/bladder infection type pain she told me to stop masturbating as I’m too young but come on! I’m 18 in a few months and I’m young I have those feelings rarely. As soon as I start to get a bit fruity after rubbing my clit (I make sure to wash my hands and I have only twice used a vibrator I stopped due to irritation I have sensitive skin) my labia starts smelling a bit and it goes red, also I start to feel like period cramps and as I go faster and faster I feel as if I’m going to orgasm because I feel like I’m going to pee and I start shuddering a bit I can’t orgasm the feeling just disappears every time and I’ve never had one yet, I’m just left dissatisfied with such horrid bladder and lower abdomen pain and I can’t pee after for literally a whole two weeks since my period I have to push to pee and my flow is just terrible I keep thinking is it a bladder infection but it can’t be as I have an appetite and my dipstick was normal (they are expensive accurate sticks). Can anyone help? Not sure what to do, feeling so I’ll though with bladder I’m going to try see a doctor after college starts but who wants to keep going doctors during the first week it’s just sad, I have a lot of gynae appointments ahead I hope the new GP is nice all the rest have been shit, I’m actually sad I’m leaving my urologist he’s been a star he even let me have an MRI on my spine which was normal. Last thing I want to ask is I’m going to ask to have a laparoscopy as my Endo is getting worse I think it’s more than likely around my bladder, rectovaginal (as I have constant vaginal pressure 24/7), bowel’s maybe? Hope not, ovaries for sure and my diaphragm upper stomach. I’m just so scared ;( I’ve had surgery twice oral type but surgery inside my organs is so scary I get infections so easily and I have emetophobia I need this surgery but I’m scared of pain, will the Endo stay away for a few years even when I can’t go back on the pill. Please help. Thank you ladies I wish you all the best and big hugs, god is with us always xxx


She may just still be recovering. It’s been a month since my lap and I get tired if I do too much. Insides take longer to heal compared to external wounds.

Or like other people have said, it could be low iron levels. X


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