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Stomach bloating hard stomach

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My stomach right now! I’m under 9st and it looks like this all hard and bloated and horrible. I find it hard to breathe in my stomach if I had to squeeze in to something it would never Happen.

Could this be water retention, zolodex, HRT, or just endometriosis.. either way I’m pretty sure if I didn’t have endometriosis my stomach wouldn’t look this way for 5ft 4 8st 12 female. Thanks endo for making me gain over half a stone in a year. Feeling so fed up!

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Hey, I know how you feel babe, I ended up putting 2 stone on due to the different hormone pills and the side effects. Now I’m just constantly bloating and can’t wear nice clothes 😔

I know endometriosis can cause bloating so it could be that or a side effect of the pills xx

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Kate345 in reply to princessk09

It’s awfuk I feel bloated and hate wearing jeans!

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princessk09 in reply to Kate345

Yeah I miss being able to wear crop tops and stuff because the bloating is that bad. It really knocked my self confidence especially after the pill made me put on weight as well and now endo could be to blame x

It’s probably just down to your endo. I have bloating really bad and if you go on my profile I put up a post on new year with a picture of how bad my bloat actually was. I’ve put on a lot of weight with endo and no matter what I do diet and gym wise it just doesn’t make a difference. It’s ahsolutely the worst thing about endo I’d happily live through the pains every day if I could have my belly back to normal x

It could easily be the endometriosis, it could also be candida overgrowth that often happens with endo. But are you on HRT and Zoladex too? Have you had endo surgically removed or are you waiting for the lap?

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Kate345 in reply to NW248

Zolodex and HRT! Have had my last zolodex in March and lap in 2 weeks time to remove stage 4.. which hopefully means getting back to normal

nothing useful to say except I feel your pain; I am so fed up with my bloated stomach and having to always hide it x

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