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Hi there, my names Mari i'm 21 and have just had my first laparoscopy and have had endometriosis confirmed. In a way i'm really happy about this - I finally know why im in pain or tired all the damn time. At the same time im at a bit of a loss of what to do? I have been signed off while these investigations have been going on and now the idea of going back to work is terrifying. But due to all of this I've been thinking maybe I should find something part time and go back to college to study something I really want to do? My current job is 9-5 office job, i need patience and really cant afford to be taking pills all day a work and really cant afford the odd few days off. My job is stressful and i need to be able to concentrate all the time.

The only reason i thought college was to study health and beauty, i love it and have always wanted to study it but it has seemed like such an 'out there' thing for me to do. i do need to be earning money but i think maybe if i study this i could get a part time job around it and once i am fully qualified i could start my own business and therefore work around my own abilities?

I feel like im having a breakdown and a continuous fight with myself over this, i know its what I want to do but i need to convince my grandparents its a good idea.

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  • Hi,

    I have been thinking about going back part time after 25 years of full time work.

    Looking back now,at 42 i busted my arse for so many firms,worked back,never took days off and barely had lunch.

    And now here we are with health problems,probably as a result of the stress levels of full time work and not getting enough rest.

    And where are these employers when i need them?

    Still making lots of money and they dont give us a second thought.

    I wish i had started up my own business years ago.

    That is an excellent idea you have to work part time,if you can afford it and work towards a career change that will allow you flexibility.

    I am currently not working and it will be very hard to find an employer that will be sympathetic to all this involves now.

    Not to mention the guilt and stress you go through for requesting time off.

    So many ladies on here going through show cause and discipline proceedings which is criminal behaviour on the part of employers,simply for being sick.

    Go for it,study and work part time.

    You are making some very wise decisions and looking long term.

    Providing job security for yourself and a guaranteed income should be encouraged by your grandparents.

    Smart girl.

    Kind regards,


  • Thank you so much Rose, this brought a tear to my eye! I'm so sorry things haven't worked out for you thus far but there will always be a silver lining somewhere, please don't stop looking for it. You are clearly a wonderful person and anyone would be really lucky to have you work for them x

  • Hi there,

    I suggest you look up The Period Repair Manual by DR Lara Briden.

    She also is on FB and has her own website.

    She treats patients in Canada and Australia but I am related to her so she has been helping me - that said, she answers most people I have seen ask her questions on FB and her website.

    I used to work days/night shifts as a paramedic and was on a wheat free/sugar free diet at the time.

    That changed when I moved to the UK and at the start of this year my period pain was like childbirth.

    Lara's book recommends a gluten - free, sugar - free and dairy free diet, and the use of certain herbal supplements.

    I have done all this exactly as she says and have had a lot of improvement.

    I know it will take time because changing diets does, BUT in the last 9 or so weeks I have been doing so, each week is a little better.

    This last period for the first time IN MY LIFE I could take paracetamol for the pain and it worked.

    I used to take 4 ibuprofen and it did nothing at all.

    The fatigue I feel still comes, but it is getting less.

    Unlike pills from the doctor, which I guess we assume will fix things up quickly? this will take time, but to me in the long run all I have done is make my diet better and in the process my health.

    Lara is a world leading naturopath doctor in period health, endo etc. She has treated thousands of women, successfully.

    It is working for me, I can not recommend it highly enough.

    If you ever want a hand with menu or recipes let me know I am happy to email you some, as it can be difficult to start off.

    I hope that helps.

    If you want to know any more, just ask - but do take a look on line, and her book at £7 on Amazon is worth every penny.

    I have lent it to so many people who are having great success with it. To just being able to know what things to ask your doctor or just how a period should actually work.

    Hope that helps


  • Thank you so much Lisa, I've been looking in to altering my diet due to the pain during menstruation. This is really helpful :) x

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