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6.5 weeks post laparoscopy for endometriosis

Hi all

I had a laparoscopy over 6 weeks ago and the surgeon found quite severe endometriosis on both of my ovaries. My left ovary was stuck to my pelvic wall and had to be freed. Endometriosis was found on the uteroviscal fold; all of it removed that using a plasma jet laser. I also had a cyst on my left ovary and a polyp in my uterus removed.

I'd been suffering bad pain, sickness and periods for years, in and out of hospital having undergone countless tests but never got a diagnosis. Until I woke up in horrific lower left sided pain during my period in April - so bad I would have gone to the hospital only I was so ill and live on my own that I couldn't physically get off the bathroom floor. The pain continued but luckily through work I have medical insurance and I was seen privately by a gynaecologist.

The problem is I have been in significant abdo and lower back pain ever since the operation. Not even prescribed painkillers kill the pain. I haven't returned to work and I'm so stressed because I can't see any benefit from the surgery at all. I'm on the combined pill and have had breakthrough bleeding for 11/12 days now. I spend my days resting in bed.

People keep asking me when I will be better and I could cry.. I just don't know if I'm healing properly. I should also mention that I am recovering from scarlet fever and a UTI as well. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you xx

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It does sound like you had quite a lot of surgery during your laparoscopy, so that could be a reason it's taking quite a while to recover. Scarlet fever won't have helped! Did they keep you in overnight at all? What pain killers did they give you?

I had my surgery 16th may, and was in two nights (I had a drain and catheter for a day or so) I had surgery on both ovaries to remove endometriomas, rectovaginal excision, scar tissue removed from most of my pelvis and large bowel was struck to my pelvic wall. I was on paracetamol and codeine when I was discharged and given about 10days worth of both, which I really needed. I've taken a couple of codeine a day after this up until the past few days.

Everyone heals differently. I've been signed off for 6 weeks, but I'm feeling not too bad at the minute. Only taking the odd paracetamol, but I'm not upto much else other than sitting on the sofa, short walks and light housework. I start to get pains if I bend too much or walk to far etc. I have quite severe backache at times, but had this prior to surgery too..was hoping his would improve!

Can you pop along and see your GP? Just get checked out, especially if you are bleeding... Though this could be just part of the healing. Best get checked out and she/he can advise you on better pain relief as well.

Hope you start to turn a corner soon. Don't rush back to work until you feel fully up to it x


Thanks so much for your response. Sounds like you've been through the wars:( Really hope your recovery accelerates and you get plenty of rest.

Was this your first lap? Are you based in London?

Yes, I was kept in overnight and discharged the next evening. Unfortunately I had uncontrolled vomiting and was admitted to my local NHS hospital two days later. My bowel had gone to sleep. Fun!

I was given dihydrocodeine and naproxen by the private hospital and then again by my GP. Neither med touches the back and abdo pain when it is bad so I have stopped taking them.

I am thinking it might be the pill causing the breakthrough bleeding and perhaps the constant period like back pain and groin pain, pressure in abdomen etc, but then again it may be my ovaries. It's just frustrating knowing that this disease means the pain may never fully go.

I'll have to see my consultant again:(

It's nice to hear from someone else who had this illness. Really hope you feel well soon.

Take care xx



I just wanted to re assure you that what you are feeling is normal.

Forget about it being 6 weeks i did the same as you,thought i should be better and fell in a heap when i wasnt by 6 weeks.

Im 12 weeks post op which is what you should aim for and you will be able to move more freely.

Your back pain is normal.

It is due to the work done inside and the way you carry yourself differently after surgery.

The whole lower back and abdomen are connected and they have gone tight those muscles,as they are in protection mode.

At 8 weeks i started getting massages on my back to loosen them up and found i cld walk more freely.

At 10 weeks i started physio on the front abdo area.

You will have scar tissue just underneath the service around the belly button and it causes the abdo area to feel stuck.

The physio massage the stomach area gently to push the apart and free the stomach up.

It works mate.

The pill will always have breakthrough with something like this it is a surgery in a delicate area.

Drink plenty of water the muscles are less tense when you are hydrated.

It will be ok,this is all normal.

Kind regards



Hi. I'm based in the Midlands. Thanks for the recovery wishes too X.

This is my 3rd laparoscopy to treat my endo. And has been the longest recovery so far, but I accept that it was going to be as the surgery was quite long and complex.

I'm sorry the painkillers are not working for you. Don't know what else to suggest? GP or consultant might be able to give you stronger ones like tramadol?

For now it just sounds like you need to rest up as much as possible, and just accept you need more time to recover than you had anticipated. Sounds like you had a tough few days after surgery.

I've come to terms with the fact I probably won't be pain free and will no doubt face more surgery in the future as my endo is so bad and has affected so much, but hoping to get some pain relief long term once I'm fully healed.

Hope things improve and your consultant can help if you back to them soon x


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