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How can you tell the area/difference of pain

When women say it's 'uterine cramping' or 'ovulation pain' how do you know?

How do I know if it's my ovaries, my tubes, cysts, adhesions, or another area hurting?

I feel like it's my ovary hurting but from what?

Please if you anyone could share their feelings/pains/knowledge I'd greatly appreciate it!

I've had this so long I don't try and differentiate between pains, but I'm almost 6 weeks post op for TPPE so I think I should try so I can get the appropriate treatment now.

Many thanks! Have a good day xx

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Ovaries and tubes will give you sharp pains in the groin area and possibly some lower back pain on the relevant side.

Uterine cramping will be mor centralised in the lower pelvic area and sometimes sharp pains in the vagina

Adhesions can be sharp when you twist or move in a way that aggravates them or a burning like pain if they are pulled.

I hope this helps

Kind regards



Thank you very much for your reply, that really does help! Thank you


Thank you so much for posting this. I thought I was the only one who had no idea! I would have no idea what ovulation pain feels like. I find it so hard to differentiate between the different types of pain. Glad to know i'm not alone :)

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Glad I'm not the only one too! There's just too many things going on in there for us!


Hi, I experience similar to how Rose has described it.

When its my ovaries I really feel as though I'm being stabbed in my ovary, in the part a little way in from my hip bone. It usually spreads all over my hip area too. It's worse at the moment probably due to my large endometriomas. This can be made worse when I am doing an activity which involves twisting at the waist.

When I have uterine cramping, particularly when I am actually having my period it often starts as a dragging sensation, very central from under belly button to vagina really, then literally becomes a cramping sensation. Its very similar to child birth but without the reward of a baby at the end! Sometimes I feel like my uterus is just going to fall out.

Another way of describing it is that the ovary pain makes me wince often, and a bit breathless and seems to take me by surprise which is silly really as I have it so often. Cramping pain makes me want to curl up in a ball or rock back and to.

I have adhesions everywhere and I am assuming they account for all of the other strange pains and niggles in my abdomen area. Particularly in my POD, when I need a poo near period time I practically jump off the toilet as its so painful.

You are right though sometimes it's hard to tell and the pain can all just blend into one horrible pain.



Thank you so much for your reply! That really has helped me and it makes sense now for the shooting pains! Thank you again xx

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You're welcome, hope you get some relief from all of the different pains xx


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