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How much sleep do you get?

I know endo fatigue is soooo common for us. On my days off, I sleep ALL day. I mean ALL day. and all night the night before. I could easily sleep 18 hours, especially with a 2 hour break in between. Do you also sleep this much? (I have been wondering if maybe I have an underlying illness like mono or anemia that is making my fatigue even worse, but something tells me it's just THAT bad with endo)

So if you could post how much YOU sleep when you have the opportunity to sleep to your content, that would be so helpful!

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Hi have you had your thyroid levels checked, I have an underactive thyroid and you sleep loads I do have endo as well but maybe it's worth getting tested x

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I'm EXACTLY the same ! I could sleep all day given the chance! I think my thyroid is playing up - but been told I'm in "normal range" however my sister has under active thyroid - so I'm considering private tests - as she is always exhausted too :/

My pain seems to be stopping me sleeping at night at the moment (have terrible low back and left hip pain that gives me terrible restless legs as well :( ... So this all adds up to being even more exhausted!! Not sure how much is/could be endo / adenomyosis ( I have both) OR possible thyroid??

Hope you are ok x



I sleep and sleep. I have stage 4 and need 10-12 hours a night! Sometimes at work I wish I could go home and just sleep!

I now have a Wednesday off midweek just so I can rest! At 36 I feel like 76! It's horrible!



This happened to me and it was my thyroid.

Hubby made me get it checked as I was sleeping through family events. Turns out he was right and it runs in my family.

Don't leave it in checked as it's going get worse before better and will take 6 weeks before thyroid tab s get in your system.

Also go back every 3/6 weeks demand a blood test as mine didn't show til 3rd test.

I feel much better on tabs.



I am the same as some of the others have said. I do get extremely tired, some days it feels like I am wading through mud but I also have thyroid problems. I started as overactive but after treatment became underactive. I have days where I could lie down all day. I was diagnosed with thyroid problems years before endometriosis but I think the endo came first. The Dr's are always telling me that once you get one autoimmune disorder you are more likely to get more so it's definitely worth going to GP to ask for tests. Sometimes my thyroid results are within normal range but I know from experience I need to up my meds anyway or I can't function.

I am always more tired after a heavy period so I think it is both my disorders contributing to tiredness.

I would ask for your iron levels, thyroid function and a full blood count just to be sure. It may well just be your endo but maybe something simple like you need more iron then you could feel a bit better.

Hope things go well for you.



I'm always tired! For example I was so tired this morning at 6 that I called in to my work and said I will work from home this afternoon. And have only just woken up now. It's the worse thing ever because your constantly exhausted and just want sleep!! Xx


I have always suffered with tiredness but found after the lap I had in October I'm not as tired as I used to be all the time it's more just around my periods. For years I had been going to the doctors and had blood tests and nothing showed up. I can sleep 12 hours at night stay up for 2 and be back asleep for 4 and then fall asleep a few hours later.


I get about 4 hours at a time, I'm lucky if I can get anymore. I have insomnia and get very tired but can't sleep. The pain will often keep me awake as it tends to kick off from 2 am onwards just before and during my period. You may want to get you b12 levels checked but fatigue is linked to endo. Hope this helps


Thank you for all your answers!!!! It has truly helped me immensely <3


When not at work, which I wasn't last week I was sleeping between 14- 16 hours per day. I could of slept more as well but had things to do. Its my first week back at work this week and I can't wait for my saturday lie in, I'm exhausted. I've also fell asleep at my desk this week as well. I haven't been diagnosed with endo only suspect I have it but this tiredness I have is not normal, I'm at the stage where I don't know how normal people stay awake and get things done.


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