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Fatigue - endo or CFS?

Hello, I have been refered to gynaecology for a diagnostic lap for suspected endo. However over the last 6months my fatigue has become unbearable. I am wondering if this is a symptom of endo or if it's more likely to be CFS? I am so tired at times that every time I blink it's a struggle to open my eyes, no matter how much rest I get I am still exhausted. After a strenuous day I really suffer the next day, feeling weak and exhausted. my endo pain is not so bad just now due to having an IUD fitted and then removed a month later (as it increased the pain) I haven't had a proper period since so I think it has messed up my cycle a little, however the daily fatigue Is taking over my life. I am a gardener so can't keep taking days off but struggle to function never mind work. I am reluctant to go back to my GP with yet another symptom as they must think I am a hypochondriac

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Hi, exhaustion is a symtom of endo, but I would go back to the gp and ask for a blood test, you could be low in something ie, iron, vit C ,

You are not a hypochondria, you are ill, and that's why we have GPS,

Good luck, xx


You're not a hypochondriac, fatigue is very common, especially when you get to the stage that surgery is required. I would recommend following the Endo diet (see Endo resolved website) and take a really good multivitamin like maybe multibionta. That should help you feel more energetic.


Thank you very much for the replies. I will look up the book you mentioned and give the endo diet a try


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