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Anyone got advice on chronic fatigue related to endo?

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Hi all,

Hope this finds you well on this October lunchtime.

I'm feeling a bit annoyed because my symptoms are multiple, relating to chronic fatigue. I went to the docs yesterday and basically got told I was being a hypochondriac. Whilst I definitely don't want anything else wrong with me, I'm sure that this fatigue is affecting me physically as well as mentally. Muscular aches and pains, tiredness that won't shift, blurry vision, lack of concentration...Should I keep trying at the doctors until someone listens? OR should I just accept that the fatigue is what it is and do what I can myself. I'm a bit concerned that as I am a self-employed musician, if this condition affects my ability to work (as it has threatened to do so), as well as the endo, then I'm up s**t creek without a paddle - I don't get sick pay!

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Check this out:

Also try organic Nettle juice and chasteberry.

i have this and have basically been told the same thing for a while, i am currently sat at work feeling like this and came to here researching the same thing.

I've tried so many vitamins ect but nothing is helping. i think we are deemed as moaning when really it is a huge issue, i'm hoping that one day there will be something to help

Hi Sarah,

I totally understand what you are going through the chronic fatigue was one of my major symptoms like literally felt washed out constantly and had no energy it affected all areas of my life but especially work and people don’t get it they think that you just need an early night.....I also had a constant foggy feeling.

I wish I could say that I tried a specific treatment that worked but unfortunately for me it didn’t, though you could try looking at your diet?

I have just had a total hysterectomy 3 weeks ago and i have notice a huge improvement with the fatigue already! Though I’m not saying you should have that done as it was pretty much a last resort for me!

I really hope that you find something to help you though

Hello reading this post the first thing I thought would be fibromyalgia based on your symptoms. If your GP thinks you are a hypochondriac then visit another, it’s your health and it’s you who has to endure living like this x

Yep, chronic fatigue is so lowering!

Put up with this for years, decades in fact. GP’s would tell me it was in my head, yeah right 🙄 -

I would try and access a different GP if possible, or a hormone specialist maybe able to help.

Hey definitely get your bloods checked too because I had those symptoms for years and thought I had ME but I felt so much better for being treated for anaemia. I had it due to blood loss, and I was treated with iron infusions at hospital. It felt like the life returning to my body! Don’t rule it out - chronic anaemia is energy sapping.

Hi Sarah _Meriel

I’ve had similar symptoms for years. I have severe endometriosis, adenomyosis and ovarian cysts. Some days I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. I ache particularly with neck pain & shoulder pain. So tired at times - I feel like I’m dragging myself through each day. I’m sure it’s likely I have fibromyalgia. Some days I’m fairly well and more energy. Anyway I have recently gone totally 100% gluten free. It’s changed everything! I haven’t had the pain in my joints, I’m much happier, feel more energy, less endo pain and generally my body feels............calmer. If you’re considering trying a gluten free diet I suggest reading all food labels and get loads of info from internet. Wishing you well Hon x


That's interesting about neck/shoulders. I just figure because I'm a cellist they ache, but actually they ache most days! Especially my neck - sometimes I'm just sitting and don't have the strength to hold my head up. And my hips feel so heavy/stiff, and walking can feel like I'm making twice as much effort to just put one leg in front of the other. I presume it's the endo affecting my pelvic area, but maybe it's also something joint/muscular...who knows!

And yes, I am trying to cut out gluten and wheat - I'm already basically vegan, so it's a tricky road to navigate without gluten as well. And expensive if you want to eat nutritious meals every day. Some weeks I just have to live off lentils!

Have you ever managed to get medical recognition of the fatigue/fibro from your doc?

I can only suggest that your neck & shoulder pain is investigated a little further to rule out other possibilities such as arthritis or vitamin B12 deficiency. Also like you’ve suggested as you’re a cellist it maybe years of playing in the same position. Everyone is different so there maybe an obvious explanation for your pain that show up clearly in tests. To be honest I haven’t pursued with the possibility of a diagnosis of fibromyalgia (FM) for a few reasons. Firstly, I’m tired of Hospital/GP visits, blood tests, talking about symptoms and ill health & secondly as there is no ‘cure’ what is the point?…………I know it sounds defeatist but I have been living, breathing and eating my way through this whole battlefield of health & pain issues for several years. My body is tired, my mind is tired and I feel worn down by it. Doctors aren’t the greatest communicators so you only get snippets of information and have to fill in the blanks. I’ve had scans, MRI’s, musculoskeletal appointments and blood tests for this unexplained shoulder and neck pain and still no answers. My research on the internet has armed me with more information than I’ll ever get in a Doctors surgery. If it isn’t FM then my lifestyle changes are still having a positive impact on my health which help with my endometriosis. I hope you’re able to get answers. Keep me posted. x

Thanks for the advice. Yeah I hear ya, it's exhausting just thinking about it all the time, never mind fighting to be heard by GPs. I feel better now I'm in the care of a specialist centre. I'm grateful for this site too, it's actually a huge support to just splurge to others who understand, and get things out of my system, so they don't fester in my brain for days and affect my mood.

I know how you feel im feeling the same take loads of vitamins etc doesnt matter how much sleep i get i feel drained by 7 im yawning by 8 im in bed

1) Get your iron levels and vitamind D levels checked out via blood work

2) Take the following for at least three months everyday: 375 mg of magnesium, 10 mg of zinc, 55 micrograms of selenium, 1,4 mg of vitamin B6, 1,4 mg of vitamin B2 (or riboflavin), 300 micrograms of folic acid and 2,5 micrograms of vitamin B12.

This should give you a big boost!

Diet and lifestyle are also major when it comes to feeling better :)

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