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Amitriptyline for pain relief & fatigue with endo

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Hi Ladies,

Been struggling recently following Thyroid surgery and docs are happy my levels are acceptable so they are convinced my fatigue and weight gain are due to my endo.

So they want to try and improve my pain and fatigue so I can workout harder and lose the weight.

They have prescribed amitriptyline, in a low dose. Just wondered if anyone else is on this and would like to share experiences good or bad

Thanks x

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Heya, I'm also on amitriptyline 30mg. I find it really doesn't do much for pain but each person is different. One thing I get from the tablets is fatigue, I find early mornings impossible to wake up and sometimes in the afternoon I'm ready for bed again. If you suffer anxiety then these pills are great.

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Thank you, I'm starting on 10mg and doc said it will help with fatigue so hopefully it doesn't make that worse ! x

Yep I had it and it didn't agree with me at all. Made my resting heart rate increase from 57 to 75 and if I in anyway pushed my heart rate up it scared me... One time it was 170 after walking up a hill!!! I DID NOT feel good at that point. If you are fatigued beware, as it makes mornings tough. I had to take it earlier and earlier in the evening so that the mornings were easier. Unfortunately it meant i was passing out at 8-9pm every night. Give it a go by all means but i had to jack it in (which was also tough - withdrawal is a bitch). Good luck hun xxx

Thanks sweet, what dose were you on ? xx

I take 30mg not sure it helps with pain but does help me get a good nights sleep. You need to persevere to get the right dose I started on 10mg felt worse! Was dubious about trying 20mg but was great. Backtracked after a lap in Nov and upped my dose to 30mg which is fine. You need to take them around 12 hours before you're planning on waking up to avoid being too sleepy in the morning. So I take mine at 8pm usually get up at 7.30 on a school morning. Once I've had a coffee I'm good to go. Give it a try it works well for lots if people.

I'm on 10mg and sleep for 10-11 hours a night then need a nap at around 3/4! It's hard to tell whether it's making a difference to the pain as I'm still taking other medication.


I'm on 20mg started off on 10mg I take mine at about 7pm so that I'm ready for work the next day I don't understand how it can help with fatigue as it makes most people tired I started mine when I was off work to help me get used to it.I hope it works for you.


Thanks ladies I really can't decide if I should take it or not, doesn't seem like the general impact is very good 😥

I take them and I love them. I ask mine around 7pm to wake up at 8 and generally don't have an issue. I take them for a good nights sleep and to help with Migrains and CFS. You might struggle the first few days if your not used to taking that kind of drug but trey and stick with it for a week or two before deciding to jack it in I was out on 10mg for 1 week then to increase to 20mg. For migraine management the dr advised I could increase up to 50mg but even at 10/20mg it seems to be doing the trick for now at least anyway! If you can't get on with amitriptyline after a couple of weeks speak to your GP as I believe there are alternative drugs in the same category you may get on with better 😊 Hey, it's worth a shot if it might help you!

I had it to help with sleeplessness caused by menopausal hot flushes. The insomnia was so bad I was also getting constant migraines. I was given 10mg, but told that if it made me groggy, that it was fine to split the tablets, I found that a third works for me, and I take it after my evening meal. I go out like a light, sleep well, but wake okay. I would recommend it, and remember you can split it up

When I had a nasty bout of costochodritis (inflammation of the cartilage of the ribcage, especially around the breastbone area), my GP told me to take a whole tablet until the costo eased. I found this helped hugely with the stress of the pain (sometimes it's like you are having a heart attack, with so much of the pain being around that area); however, it also eased a lot of the other general pain, both from the costo and from being tense and stressed - and I slept through!!

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