Fed up....first thing in the morning?

Hi guys,

Just a quick question and I aplogise if it has been asked before. First thing in the morning as soon as I open my eyes, the pain is always across the front and back oh my pelvis/hips/top of my thighs... feels like I've been ran over my a steam roller in the night...

I was just wondering does anyone else experience this? Is it related to my endo or am I sleeping funny?

It really puts me in an awful mood, so if anyone has any tips that would be great.

Cheers in advance,

Holl xx

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  • Yep I have the exact same pain. I always feel like my pelvis is broken when I wake. It's horrible isn't it, it's like it's waiting for you the minute you wake. Such a dreadful way to start the day. It's hard not to be in a bad mood with it. I sleep packed in with pillows between my knees, under my shoulder and one flatter pillow just below the one for my head and position it just above my hip so my hip isn't taking all the weight (if that makes sense)?!

  • Thanks for your reply, yeah it's such an awful way to start the day! I just wanted to see if it was just the way i was sleeping / if it was something i was doing or if it was just another horrible symptom of the endo. I'll try that with the pillows see if it helps, thank you! xx

  • That's what I keep waking up to atm as well, it makes my pelvis feel all heavy and hard to move if that makes sense. Might try some extra pillows around me, it's horrible as soon as you open your eyes it's there to greet you x

  • Yeah that completely makes sense.. I have to will myself to move my lower half to get up. I know! It never stops does it! xx

  • Hope it helps girls, unfortunately I have so many pillows there is little room for my partner!! Xx

  • Hi I have really bad pelvic pain sometimes I wonder if I have actually been asleep as I have it really bad at night and then again in the morning. Lately I want to get a knife and cut it out of me. Why do we have to suffer like this 😰😰😰😰😰. I hope you feel better soon. Xx

  • Yeah I understand what you mean, you remember being in pain throughout the night and always feel exhausted when you wake up sometimes it's hard to tell if you have slept at all. Thank you! Hope you also start to get some relief xx

  • Yes, this happens to me too - I actually woke up from a dream last night about having pelvic pain to realise that the pain part was not a dream :( feel like I can't get away from it even when I'm asleep. I hope you start to feel better - it is horrible starting your day like that - big hugs. xx

  • Not in an awful way but I'm glad it's not only me (although I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy). This happens to me either that or I will be sobbing out loud in my dream because of the and my partner will have to wake me up. I just wish it would give us a break! Wishing the same to you chick! xx

  • I used to play rugby, and the morning after a game I used to wake up and be aching everywhere , feel really stiff and defintely knew i had been in a game the day before. It feels like that now every morning I wake up. and i haven't done any exercise in a long time but my body feels battered and bruised and I'm exhausted the second I wake up. Also have pelvic like pressure. and the very first thing I have to do in the morning is go for a wee. Before I can even thing about doing anything else.

  • For me pain comes at dawn: ovary, hip, thigh, back. Once it's on I can not find a comfortable position. I haven't tried pillows yet but must do that.

    Usually pain is gone by the time I open my eyes (courtesy of paracetamol taken earlier) but comes back the moment I get up!

    Another strange thing I noticed is that pain is coming back when I get home from work:I start my day with pain, take painkillers, go to work, sometimes take more painkillers and by afternoon I feel fine. On my way home I feel pain slowly creeping in and by the time I walk through the door I'm in agony again.

    So far my theory is that subconsciously I have got more distractions at work, I know I have to plough through the day, so many things to do, etc. But when I get home, I know I can relax, I do not have to do anything.

  • I agree. It's almost as if you give yourself permission to feel pain now everything is done! I get all the housework done as soon as I get in, and only then 'allow' myself to feel the pain properly...

  • Hi Blueflowers & Urgley,

    I completely understand when you both mentioned about the pain not being there at certain times.. This made me feel as if the pain was in my head or maybe not really there.. However I am now seeing a clinical psychologist for pain management and I mentioned this to them and they said it's the bodies coping mechanism because distraction it really powerful. She also said it will feel worse when you get home (or when you feel you can relax properly) due to holding our bodies in a tense way to compensate for the pain.

    This made me feel soo much better because as you will all know it's bad enough it being invisible and people not believing you, let alone when you doubt yourself. So just thought I'd share that to see if it helps any one else

  • Hi I brought an electric heat pad the other day from Boots I am finding if I go to sleep lying on this when I wake up I don't feel so steam rollered! It turns off after 3 hours automatically. I am also finding it helps in the evenings when my pain seems to peak. I also sleep with a long maternity pillow for support.

  • I live in the US, but I'm sure you have TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) devices where you are. I bought one at a local drugstore. The TENS device consists of a couple of adhesive pads, which you apply to the painful area (in my case, the lower left and lower right portions of my pelvis). The pads connect via wires to a low-grade electrical stimulation unit that transmits pulsating currents. It's like an electronic massage. My TENS device has really helped my pain, at least while it's connected. I also alternate between ice packs and heating pads. You can buy TENS units on Amazon.com.

    Hope this helps!!

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