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Pain 😞


I was diagnosed with endo three years ago after many many years. I've had some bleeding but not much in those three years, little pain but niggles every so often. In the last 2-3 weeks the pain has been much worse, in my right hip, abdomen and back. It's not agony, I can sleep and cope with it without pain relief most of the time but it doesn't seem to be easing at all 😞

Any advice? I am completely phonic about being examined to the point of hysteria! I have endo mainly on my ovaries so I wonder if this is an ovarian cyst pressing on my hip?? My mind is racing!!

Any help would be appreciated. Xxxx

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Hi, sorry about your pain!

I've had the same pain for 2 months and it turned out to be an ovarian cyst which I'm having no removed.

However they considered that the pain could be appendicitis so I would definitely go get checked out.

You might just need an ultrasound on your belly but to be sure I'm think they need to do an internal ultrasound and exam.

Good luck. :)


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