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Newbie, 48, hip pain, will surgery help?

Hi all,

I only found out I have a 5cm ovarian (chocolate?) cyst, *after* I had my 2 kids (now 6 and 7). I am 48, heading towards menopause (my cycles are random) and was happy to 'watch and wait'. I've been doing that for 2 years.

Alas, my hip pain is now acute (like a screwdriver twisting into the hip bone). My gyny surgeon is lovely but he can't see the pain is related (???) and says surgery might not cure the pain. I have a physio friend who suspects my pain may indeed be 'referred pain' travelling up from the cyst pressing on nerves.

Should I bite the bullet and just get it out? The surgeon says my ovary could not be saved so it would all come out.

I am okay trusting my surgeon (NHS Glasgow) or should I seek some of the accredited endo centres? (saw this mentioned in another post).

Any advice??? Many thanks,


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Hi kira

I have a 10cm cyst on the right and I have a tugging pain in my hip too ! The consultant I saw said it was the cyst and it presses on all organs ! I am 50 and waiting for a hysterecyomy as the consultant said it was best in my case as I also have 1 in my pouch of Douglas and multiple large fibroids. I am having both ovaries removed as he said they could grow back . I would ask your GP to refer you to a BSGE centre so a expert can advise you best . I had a cyst removed last year with a general   gynaecologist which grew back ! So I am currently waiting for my op . Good luck hunny 

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hi Princess777,

thanks for this - yikes. Yes, I had a 10 day bleed recently (2 weeks after last period) so perhaps there is more. Would all endo show up on scans or would they need to open you up?

I'm very new to this - I had no probs at all with gyny things until about age 45.

-C x


Hi kira,

Not sure whether scans show everything as initially I went regarding pain and the op was suppose to be a lap to see what was going on. When I had that they discovered a 9cm cyst on my left ovary which did not show up on the scan at all ! But when it was removed all the pain went which was great ! So I think a scan can miss things and a lap will see it all . You should be able to get a referral to a BSGE specialist endometriosis centre and they can do a op which will exercise any endo a the same time as removing your cyst . Or alternatively advise you of the best option for you . Due to my history of regrowths the consultant has suggested hysterectomy not sure if that is the best but it is guy and st Thomas which is BSGE centre so going to follow there advice .

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Hi Kira

An endometrioma will most often mean you have endo elsewhere. In order for you to feel referred pain it has to be due to a nerve being aggravated. And hip pain with endo will usually be referred from endo affecting the uterosacral nerves in the pouch of douglas with which endometriomas will often be associated. This would all suggest fairly complex endo that would require a skilled surgeon in a centre. If your gynaecologist doesn't even know about uterosacral endo then I certainly wouldn't trust him to operate. In any event uterosacral endo must only be dealt with in a centre. You are however more limited on treatment choice in Scotland. Click on my name and have a look at my posts on US endo, how to find a specialist and the treatment pathway.

Endometriomas show up on ultrasound and sometimes deep endo and dense adhesions but MRI is better for those. Mild to moderate endo will usually not show on scans at all.  


Thanks Lindel - wow, this is all eye-popping. It was only last night that I thought, right, I'm really sick of this pain, I must try and do something about researching possible surgery.

I thought I had been sensible by just watching and waiting for the past 3 years, as I didn't want UNnecessary surgery and I kept hoping menopause would come and everything would just 'die down' or become negligible.

My gyny didn't pressurise me, either way. I had 6 monthly scans but nothing else as I chose not to have a lap.

Now I realise maybe various endo's are still growing.

Edinburgh would be my nearest approved endo centre. I think I may investigate more next week.

It's terrible but I actually feel awkward about possibly offending my regular gyny by asking for a referral. I suppose many women have to go through that and follow the recommendations and their instincts. 

Thanks for all the amazing research. It's all news to me.


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Hi Kira,

Just to say I have recently had to ask my general gyny for a referral to a bsge specialist. I have known this gyny for 17 years and went through a lot with him back then so was also anxious about asking him for a referral as didn't want him thinking I thought he was no good, but he was absolutely fine, actually he said he thought it was a good idea. 

Try not to worry and in the end it is your body and life so you need to do what's right for that.

Good luck X

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