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2nd lap coming up any advice for calming my nerves???

Hi all, my second lap is in 2 weeks so I know exactly what to expect but I'm terribly nervous about being put under anaesthetic.

The operation itself doesn't bother me at all but ever since my teens I have had a fear of loosing conciousness and it took me years to get over loosing conciousness falling asleep naturally so the thought of having no control over the anesthetic knocking me out is making me very nervous despite the fact I've been through this before. Any tips on how to remain calm? As during my last op I was shaking and got a bit upset and i felt quite embarrassed.

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If you look at my posts you'll see that 2 weeks ago I had my first lap and I was that anxious about the general anaesthetic I contemplated cancelling the surgery. I spoke with my GP about my anxiety over the surgery and she was able to prescribe me something to take on the morning.

I also got chatting to the other ladies on the ward that day and they were all in the same boat as me and quite anxious. Speaking to them about holidays etc helped to take my mind off it.

My biggest fear was not being in control of my own body and it sounds like your the same. I actually got up off the bed in the anesthetic room and told them I'd changed my mind but somehow they talked me round. I too felt embarrassed but it's normal to feel that way... and the majority of people having surgery do feel that way!

I know it's only words and I know how your feeling right now but look at the positive outcomes. When you wake up you'll kick yourself about the fuss.

Fingers crossed for you and I hope your okay xx


Hi Jodie, thanks for replying it's a relief seeing I'm not the only one who feels this way!

You are right the fact I'm not in control of my body and I don't know what is happening is what bothers me most. I know your asleep then you wake up and it only feels like seconds but that period of not knowing what happened just really gets to me but then sometimes I'm okay with it but I know on the day I won't be, clearly I think too much!

Did the relaxants work for you?


I was the same! I hate not knowing what's going on. I felt so stupid on the day and I was worried they were going to think I was a drama queen but I was genuinely terrified!

Believe it or not, when the doctor prescribed them, psychologically it calmed me because I knew that I had them and if things got too much I could just take them. But I got talking to the ladies on the ward and it took my mind off it, then next thing I knew it was my turn. So I didn't take them in the end.

When I was speaking to my GP she said it's actually really common and not to feel silly because that's how I said I felt.

When's your surgery? When's your pre-op? It was the woman At the pre-op assessment that advised me to see my GP.


Yes haha I feel that way I don't want the nurses to think I'm being over dramatic but I guess they are used to it.

I will talk to the pre op nurse about how I feel and see what she/he says. My pre op is 7th June and my surgery is 16th June.

Even though my pain is far worse than before along with other complications im worried they won't find anything or will find something worse.


If you don't have the surgery you won't know what it is and you won't be able to treat of effectively. Look at it that way!

I was so scared they wouldn't find anything, I've had so much time off work and I was worrying that I'd look like a fraud. On the other hand I was worried that if they did find something, what would it be.

Yes! - definitely speak with the nurse at the pre-op. She will probably recommend you speak to your GP...

Let us know how you get on :) xz


I had a similar fear of not being conscious before I had my lap. Thinking about the anesthesia was the scariest part of the whole thing for me. As the other poster said, I think this is really common and nothing to be embarrassed about even if your anxiety is visible to the medical providers.

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My lap is tomorrow and I've actually felt pretty calm leading upto it until today i've felt sick with nerves all day. I had a dream last night they did the op and couldn't find anything and declared me insane haha which i think just fueled the nerves that i'd look like i'm taking time off for nothing! I think once i get on the bed i will be able to just accept it is happening.


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