What stage of Endometriosis do I have and what medication, natural, would anyone suggest please?

Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I'm 49, nearly 50, and just again had another laperoscopy for endometriosis, which revealed this time, endometrial plaques all on my left side and Douglas Sac. Could anyone please tell me what stage of Endometriosis this is? My periods stopped when I was 36 and have been fighting for a hysterectomy ever since. I'm due to see the consultant again this Thurs, who previously promised me a hysterectomy, but who has now backtracked, saying he has to convince the NHS funding. I was previously considering paying for it privately but at a cost of £6,300, it is a lot of money for me, but would do so, just so I can get my life back. The consultant is now suggesting managing my endometriosis by tablets, but to be honest, I am not convinced, as I have heard some terrible side effects from some of them. As I already have other disabilities and on some quite strong pain relief, I am reluntant. Is there any medication that anyone has tried that has worked for them please, which has few side effects? Sorry for the long post. Shampus

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  • Star flower,&evening primrose ,,also valarian vitamins help relax nerves&muscles and hormones more properly regularised,you also find valarian for nerve and muscles in sleep aid tablets in wilkosons if thats near by you its cheapest for vitamins ive found.

  • Hi curlyback, thanks for advice on the natural tabs I can take, much appreciated. I've got a Wilkinsons nereby, so will have a look. Thanks again.

  • You're most welcome, nytol&wilkos own sleep aid are from same pharmacy with exactly same ingredients with a £3 difference sleep aid is cheaper and they have valarian.

  • Thanks for that great bit of info curly.

  • Just remember a hysterectomy isn't a treatment for endo. You need endo excised at the same time for it to have any benefit. I didn't and have worse pain now so awaiting excision with bsge clinic.

    Good luck

  • Hi Marcia71, thanks for that information. I suppose I've got to the saturation point where I am so desparate to get on with my life, having suffered so long. Good luck with your procedure and I hope everything works out for you.

  • They should've told you what stage of endo you had after the lap. It should be on the discharge report?

  • Hi Sanchia46, no, the surgeon didn't tell me what stage I had. I'll double check the discharge report, thanks. If not on there, I'll ask the consultant tomorrow morning. Thanks for your help.

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