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Mid 40s and Zoladex

I have been on Zoladex twice before last time 14 years ago,i am having a tough time at the moment and am being put on it soon for just 3 months,was wondering if anyone has been on it in their mid 40s and what and how did you find it,I know we are all different and experience things differently.Would also be great to hear from anyone who has had it in their 20s early 30s and then in their 40s.Thank you all.

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Hi I'm 40 and gave had a total hysterectomy for adenomyosis and have endo, and still have my overies, unfortunately it hasn't worked for me, I'm still in daily pain, I'm taking hrt along side it, so my side effects have been ok, my boobs hurt for the first few weeks and I feel sick often, but I was feeling sick before, I'm now seeing a bsge specialist and am awaiting a laparoscopy to see if there is any endo left to remove

Have you been seen by a bsge specialist ??



I'm 47 and into my second month not having too many nasty side effects but it has done little for the pain but I know it works for a lot of people so it has to be worth a try,and it's only 3 months.

All the best treez


Hi I'm 40 and have been on Zoladex on and off for the last two years, with Tibolone. The only side effects have been hot flushes on occasion and (I believe) slight stiffness in my hands and hips. I'm currently investigating the stiffness to rule out other causes, but on balance would still rather live with that than go back to how I was with my Endo symptoms. I don't have periods and my chocolate cyst seems to have shrunk down, and best of all I feel as though I have my life back. I'm seeing a BSGE specialist soon because I want to know my options for the future. Although I'd be happy to carry on with Zoladex if possible, I know it's not common or recommended. Good luck with your own journey!


I am 45 and on Dacapeptel ( not sure the spelling) injection. It is helping my condition. But my libido is low and some menopsusal hot feeling. Waiting for and excision surgery. Happy to stop the injection after the surgery. Hope you will find it helpful.


Thank you all,i am having it for pain and i mean really vile pain and for very heavy bleeding,i am only off for about 4 to 6 days a month.I am waiting to have my third iron infusion and also going to see a gyne which i have not done since my ablation and tumour/fibrois removal, i was awake to see it all being done amazing.(which only stopped the flooding)nearly 4 years ago.i am so close to the menopause i need it to happen now.x


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