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stopping Zoladex

I have been on Zoladex for 7 yrs now and it has been great, but I feel that I would like to come off now. Has anyone else been on for a long time and if s odid you have many side effects? I now have advanced Osteoporosis which is a well known side effect for long term use , and for my bone health and other reason I have decided to stop. My consultant is happy for me to stay on for a long time yet - has anyone else been on this long?

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I did not realise you could be on Zoladex for so long. I too would be interested to hear if anyone else has. Were you not put on HRT while you were on it to help protect against bone problems? XXXX


I have not heard of anyone being on it so long! I was allowed 2 yrs of Decapeptyl and it was miraculous and asked to stay on longer.I was sent for bone density scan and it was found I have osteopenia and so I am allowed no more.I think I remember seeing that you can have long term as long as you take add back HRT and your bone density is ok,but in your case I am puzzled your consultant would let you keep going with advanced OP.However I don't know your history,so there may be others factors involved.I managed to keep the GNRH agonists going longer than 6 months ( recommended time)as I also have numerous other serious health issues which made it too risky to operate.If they can do a lap,I would advise that?Also when you come off Z,be prepared for a huge flare.All these drugs do is mask the issue-they are not cures,even if when you are on them you get great relief.

I have been seeing a herbalist and nutritionist who is treating my endo and also working on my bone density.Would be worth getting a complememtary therapist who would treat whole body,if you are able to afford this.

Go with you instincts -I would be very unhappy to keep going with a treatment which could land me in more pain in future.Having watched my Gran suffer so terribly with OP it is something I would not wish for.Re OP I can recommend some good books and also websites,if you want privately mail me?

Hope I have not been incorrect in this advice -have never had Zoladex but assume it works in same way as GNRH?

Sending you my best wishes.


I do hope you have been on add back HRT.You are only allowed 6months without Hrt.


Been on HRT but osteoporosis has now developed quite bad as a full HRT patch made me bleed again bad and pain was dreadful. I have decided not to continue with zoladex ..... I think for the last 6 yrs it was fantastic but the last yr has been hard . Is there any other treatments that anyone could recommend. Thank u xx


Ask your Doctor about the Depo-Provera 3 monthly injection, but be prepared for quite a bit of weight gain; that's a side effect I have experienced but I also have no periods, so you must look at the pros and cons of it personally for you. Good luck. I hope you find the right treatment for you. XXXXX


Hi. I am 43 yes old and since being on zolley I have gain 3.5 stones and have high bp . I dont think im allowed the depo or pill....... but will def ask... thank u


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