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Hi hope your all as well as can be expected. Just wanted to provide an update and my dissatisfaction with my current consultant. I had sugary via laparoscopy in December severe endo was found I had right Fallopian tube removed, my bowel was stuck to my pelvic wall and endo spread was identified. I was commenced on zoladex I have my sixth one tomorrow. I have not seen my consultant since December. Last week I was all ready to attend my hospital appointment to see my consultant, I was ready to tell her about my constant bone pain, my feet and heals are so painful especially when I walk. I was shocked to find myself waiting with pregnant ladies waiting for their anti natal appointments. As most of you will know people with endo struggle to conceive, not that I'm trying at my age but the thought that I could have been a 20 plus year old sat waiting with anti natal ladies really shocked me. Eventually when I went in I saw a registrar not my consultant she sat there reading from my discharge notes then when I explained my bone pain she informed me it couldn't be linked to my zoladex. Well I never had this before the hormone treatment!! She told me I needed to see my consultant. I taken time off work for that. I now have a follow up in three weeks. So I was wondering what other people's views would be on this situation?

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi,

    I am sorry to hear about this, it doesn't seem right to me. I had my first appointment with my consultant in Jan, and I also instead saw a registrar. I was a bit taken aback but the appointment went ok so I went with it, however I have a follow up booked for tomorrow and will be upset if I don't see the actual consultant then. It would probably be worth querying with them why this happens, I certainly will if I get the same tomorrow as it seems pointless to be referred to a consultant if you don't actually see them! As for the mixed group in the waiting room I can understand that this could be upsetting for some, myself I'm not bothered as I don't want children anyway. When I go for my appointments there seems to be some separation in the waiting area but only in terms of it being at one end of the room rather than the other, but it is general gynaecology outpatients so I suppose this can't be helped. I guess each hospital will have their own set up depending on resources and layout etc.

    Hope you get some more answers with your consultant next time :)

  • Thanks merlin 19, nothing's ever straight forward is it. Hope your next appointment is straight forward x

  • If you are being seen at a BSGE centre you should only see a consultant at appointments. In my experience you get to see registrar after registrar in general gynae appointments. I once refused to leave till I saw the consultant after a year of pain and each registrar telling me to 'watch and wait'! Try and get referred to a BSGE centre.

  • Hi Hun are you at a BSGE centre? As you have severe endo you should only be treated at one. Also how old are?

    The bone/joint pain is definitely the Zoladex, it even states it in the info sheet. It can also cause bone density loss.

    I finished a six month course in January and now have severe shoulder joint pain.

  • hiya. i would ring your consultants secretary and see if she can get u another appointment with him in person.

    i always check when the appointment is made that it will actually be with my consultant and then when i get there on the day i check again once ive booked in.

    not once when i was under general gynae did i see the main man. everytime it was someone different and they had a different theory for treatment/advice. i believe the lack of continuity of care has contributed to failings in my care.

    i know you shouldnt really have to do this but it will be worth it i promise!!!

    x x

  • Thanks dawntildusk x

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