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Laproscopy yesterday

I had my Laproscopy yesterday afternoon, I didn't feel too bad when I came round and got home but I was heavily dosed up on painkillers. I was expecting to be really bloated afterwards due to the gas but wasn't at all, I have been getting some pain my shoulders from it.

All went well , no endometriosis was found which is a good thing I guess, but leaves me no closer to knowing what causes all my ovulation, period and pelvic pain, guess it is going to be one of those things i will have to put up with and rely on pain killers more.🙁

Today I am feeling really sore where the incisions are, and I'm getting shooting pains around my left ovary, and I still have the pain in my shoulder. I'm hoping the pain killers kick in soon. Moving around is really painful so I am planning on spending the day on the sofa, my husband has taken the girls out so should hopefully get some peace.


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Hi hunny, I bet you don't know whether you should feel happy or sad about it, was your lap done by a general gyne? Take time to recover and remember that your insides have gone through alot, xx


That's exactly how I feel, I should be happy that I don't have any endo, but it leaves me clueless to what causes all my pain. Yes a general gynaecologist I believe not an endometriosis specialist. I find it so hard sitting around and not doing things but I have no choice.x


Omg I could have written this myself I had my second lap on thursay too 4 years ago they found loads of endo this time nothing.. It feels like such a waste but then surely it's a good thing there is nothing there.. just hoping they can give another explanation to the pain as now I feel they will think it's all in my head..

Hope you are managing to get some rest it's the worst bit my stitches are so tight they are on fire x


It's really frustrating, think I am going to ask to be referred to a different gynaecologist. The gynaecologist I was seeing didn't think it was endometriosis and just wanted to give me injections to stop ovulating. I find it hard to believe that the pain I am in so often is normal, I get so bloated at times I look 6 months pregnant my stomach increases in size by 7 inches. I'm ovulating at the moment and in so much pain with it which is normal. I gave waterproof dressings on my stitches they are so itchy! Hope you are recovering well Kelly and get some answers as well.x


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