The joys of endo !

Hi all. I'm really struggling to cope emotionally and physically with endo. I've had it for almost 4 years now. I've been referred to dr Baxter endo specialist at Sheffield hospital has anyone seen him before? I'm crazy tired and my hormones and emotions are up and down like a yo yo! Any good tips to lift mood and pain guys thanks a lot hope your all ok

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  • I haven't just started a naturopath recommended diet and supplementation. Only been on it 6 weeks but have already had goog improvement.

    Fatigue has been somewhat better, but very pleased as only been doing such a short time.

  • Stupid phone. Have!

  • Hi kiwi medic ,

    What diet you follow and what supplementation you take could you please tell.Thankyou

  • Grass fed beef, free range or organic chicken, organic fruit and vegetables.

    No dairy, except heavy cream and organic butter.

    No sugar. Very little honey, no other sweetner.

    No gluten- no wheat, oats rye, etc.

    Supplements - magnesium, vitamin b6, zinc, selenium, iodine, tumeric and Berberine.

    For greater detail and dosages I suggest you get The period manual. By Dr Lara Briden.

    And take a look at her blog larabriden.Com

  • Hey, I'm really sorry you're struggling. Try searching for the Sheffield Endometriosis Support Group on facebook they are all lovely on there and you can talk more specifically about Sheffield based care. But just to put your mind at rest, I have seen him and will be having my lap with him in 4 weeks. He is lovely and really very knowledgable. He totally made me feel relaxed and like i was in good hands. I hope that helps. I'm not sure I'm very well placed to give you advice on the emotional side as i'm also really struggling with that too! But keep strong, and good luck xx

  • Oh I didn't realise you sorry but many thanks for your advise about him. Looking forward to et some good support with this. Hope your journey ends well! It's so difficult talking to people about it who do not suffer as they do not understand but thank god for this site! Good look for your lap xxxx

  • No worries! I requested to see him actually because I'd heard such good stuff. Let us know how it goes 😊 And yeah I know it's been a total lifesaver. Thanks I'm a bit nervous but excited too! Take care xx

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