I just wondered if anybody has ever experienced a feeling like there insides is falling out I've been like this the last few days, I'm also due on my period and I've got the coil fitted. I've had back pains leg pains and all the rest of endo symptons for a while and I've felt nauseous too, waiting on my hospital date coming up soon. I feel so fed up today it's like a have a new ache or pain everyday.

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  • I'm always feeling like someone is trying to rip my stomach out and I also suffer with back pain all the time and sometimes leg pain. Hope all goes well at the hospital and you feel better soon :) xx

  • This is like either my bum is been pulled out or my vagina is been pulled out sorry to be gross but it's very strange 😩😩😩 feel like pulling my hair out today x

  • That doesn't sound very nice :( you don't have to apologise, I understand :) maybe mention it to the hospital when you go? I've been close to pulling my hair out as I've been curled up in pain at work the last couple of days. I'm addicted to using hot water bottles at the moment haha x

  • I'm like that at night and I use the heat patches as well. Pain dies seem to wear of a little. Hope you feel better soon, what treatment have had ? Xx

  • Thankyou! :) It's a pain trying to get to sleep! Sometimes I don't fall asleep till 3 in the morning even when I go to bed at 11! I've been on various pills that haven't worked. I haven't had any other treatment yet, going for my pelvic ultrasound on 10th December then hopefully being sent for a lap in the new year and then I'll go from there. Getting fed up waiting now though, the doctors/hospital just seem to drag it out all the time. :( xx

  • I had the pelvic ultrasound done they couldn't find anything but to be fair she didn't know what to look for, i opted to have the coil fitted which has helped with the heavy bleeding and pain. Just these other niggling things now. 😢😢 I've got an appointment in 2 weeks. We shall see I suppose. Hope you get some answers xxxx

  • I don't reckon they'll find anything either when I go but we'll see. Nothing is ever straight forward when trying to cure something :( hope all goes well at the hospital :) xxxx

  • Hi I started my injection yesterday couldvsomeone please help me I'm demented with this I've been bleeding for 56 days without a break I've tried all the pills to stop it but they never worked I got my injection yesterday but the blood is pouring from me and the clots I'm standing on puddles of blood HOW LING DOES IT TAKE FOR THEM TO WORK I'M IN AGONY .

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