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Down day

Hi all, having a down day, feeling so tired . Finally I'm almost there to see a specialist at the London endo clinic, on Thursday. I'm now panicking what they will say, what I need to say, anyone been what have you found helpful! Also I had an ultrasound recently which showed no problems, ( I have had 3 laps for my endo) so confused why I'm in so much pain always on left side. My consultant who referred said something about it being around my uretha so maybe that does t show up. Also my bowel has been playing up which again he thinks is due to endo but would that of been checked when I had my lap?

Sorry for all the questions, just having a bad day xxxx

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Glad you're going to a centre. Endo doesn't usually show up on ultrasound, unless you have endometriomas or it is very severe. It also depends on how experienced the sonographer is. Good luck for Thursday.


Hi there, as hard as it is, try not to panic too much. I have now had five laps for endo, adhesion removal etc. Each time I had countless scans that all looked normal and yet each time they found something wrong. I have learnt that the scans certainly don't give the full picture. Hope everything goes well for you xxx


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