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Advice needed please

Hello ladies, im looking for some advice. I was referred to colposcopy at my local hospital because of abnormal cells on my cervix and many other symptoms i have been suffering. During the examination the woman said it looks like i have endometriosis, cysts and abnormal cells, she gave a breif description of what it is and sent me on my way saying i would recieve a letter in around 4/6 weeks with results. Im not sure weather to wait for the results or to go see my gp as she did a biopsy for CIN and not endometriosis. Any advice would be greatfully recieved. Thanks

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Oh dont delay see the gp, get reffered to gynacology.

My first ever smeer came up with c I n 3,the last stage before it turns. Cancerous.

There are range of treatment s to calm the endometriosis, but no cure.

So dont delay, as it will already be a long wait to see specialists . I e been suffering with cronic pain everyday from endometriosis, hpv and fitz hugh curtis syndrome. As a result on round the clock meds and no where better off from 4yrs of being passed around the health professionals.

So good luck, and be persistent otherwise you may just be forgtton about.


Thank you I will get onto the doctors first thing


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