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Advice please

I need some advice please, i had a laparoscopy 7 weeks ago and got endometriosis on my bowel, bladder and ovaries removed. I was feeling good up until about a week and a bit ago, now im feeling the exact same pains on my sides. Has anyone had this happen? Like could it be healing pains but so late on? i really doubt it could come back that quickly :( any advice will be so helpful cause i dont know what it could be.

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Do you have any medication to try to slow the return of your endo? Xxx


No he didn't give me anything 😔


Depends how your endo was removed. If burnt off it can be back that quickly. Well it wouldn't have got rid of it all as it just takes the top layer off. If it was excised then I'm afraid it can take up to 6 months to feel better. Rubbish I know!

Also you mention endo was on your bowel. This should only be treated by. Bsge centre - endo specialists. Your gynae shouldn't have treated bowel endo but referred you on I believe.

Your Gp can also refer you to a bsge centre



Thank you so much for this info, I didn't even know that. Yes he cut out the endo but said there was bits that weren't quite formed that he just burnt. Thanks so much for the reply x


Hi, I also had a laparoscopy my second one 7 weeks ago also on bowel and ovaries, I didn't have my ovaries removed however my left one is crushed due to endometriosis and unable to remove. I still get a couple of twinges here and there 7 weeks on I was shopping last week and was hanging over my trolley they was that sharp! Your body will have been through a lot it just takes time to heal it won't happen over night that's what my specialist said to me when I asked was it normal. Hope this helps x


So we're your healing symptoms also just getting worse every day? It could be healing it's just so painful lately 😔 Thanks for your advice it's really helpful X


I wouldnt say worse everyday I had good and bad days really. Id definitely go back to your specialist if it's not easing at all. Hope you get it sorted x


hi. How are you feeling today?

I had open surgery for a ruptured cyst back in September and once I started to feel better to do more (7/8 weeks after) I had an increase in pain and when I mentioned it they said I was doing to much and ease off and within a week it had helped.

I had a lap on Wednesday so I'll be more careful this time!

when is your follow up? If it carries on speak to the surgeons secretary to see if they can ask if it is a concern.

take care



Okay well that's positive maybe I'm just overdoing it ! Why are

You having another lap may I ask? & I don't have any follow ups 😅 Xx


hi. They do say it takes alot longer for the internal healing they said I would have to be careful for 3-6 months and could expect the odd twinge beyond that if I just moved in the wrong way. If you can ease off your activity and see if it helps. How come you don't have a follow up? Id assumed that was done as standard.

hahaha you'll wish you hadn't asked!! The ruptured leaking cyst I had in September couldn't be removed. We had various issues with blood tests, medication and referral to a bsge centre not being arranged. My lap on Wednesday was to remove the cysts, endometriosis but it turned out to be worse than they expected, I had numerous cyst, endometriosis and adhesions every where and a full ( I've not looked into this much yet so no idea on the description of full!) a full frozen pelvis.I knew it hadn't gone to plan as it took two hours longer and I could hear the surgeon in the recovery room getting them check additional things out. He did as much as possible ( I got the impression he really enjoyed the challenge!!) but he couldn't do it all so more surgery will be needed as and when. It's strange how you can have sixth sense with these things, he'd been so reassuring and I joked and told him my body does throw the odd curve ball to complicate things and he just laughed, next time I saw him he said I must be highly tuned into my body as id warned him to be on guard 😉.

may I ask how old you are? I hope your pain reduces, what pain relief are you on ?

tillyfloss xx


Hey, I've actually booked in to see him now cause I had a follow up 2 weeks post op but want to discuss all this with him. Omg you poor thing having to have another surgery! I'm just taking panadol & the occasional endone & im 20 ☺️ Thanks so much again


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