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just a question


hi y'all,

i was wondering if its normal for people with server endometriosis to have red and white cells found in their urine ? sorry to ask such random question its just that i had my urine checked because i keep losing balance feeling faint my iron levels are ok for once but my gp said she not going to do further test as she thinks its to do with my endometriosis so she leaving it im not sure if it should be left or not or if it because of my endometriosis need some reassurance i have got two lumps and something in my Fallopian tube just waiting on my mri results to confirm whats going on im not able to see my consultant until 11 may

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there was no infection detected


I just had a urine test done and it came back all clear, I have no infection but have Endo inside my bladder. I had a blood test done last week Friday so I'm waiting for the results to come back. I feel dizzy, feeling light headed, feel off balance.

I feel weak and exhausted all the time.

I'm sure it's partly to do with not eating properly with me, my pains put me off from eating.

Are you eating well? Have yo tried ringing your consultant's secretary? Ask her if you could get a early appointment.


embo31 in reply to Sweetyassi

hi ,

just like you i have problems with eating it been that way since my second operation and before it and since my first operation ive had a constant swelling in my stomach im only able to eat little and often if i don't im either sick or it add more pain i get swelling where my ribs part it feels like food just sitting on my stomach !!!!.....,

im kinda lost at the moment as my gp left the doctors surgery back in October she was excellent gp listen dealt with everything not like the one ive got now she just deals with one thing at the time cuts me of when talking then i lose confidence not bother going suffer in silence with consultant leaving Preston hospital im kinda scared because i know im at high risk of more surgery and there more surgery to have i trusted her and her team ..

hope i don't sound like im going on to much im sorry if so just dont have anyone to talk to anyway how do you feel today ?


This Endo ruins our lives. I'm so stressed all the time. Hate it when it's breakfast/lunch/dinner time I get anxiety attacks when it comes to eating, I just try and stick to liquids most of the time. Lately I have eaten too much solid foods and can feel it in my stomach so now I'm back to liquid diet for a few weeks.

I have recently been diagnosed with celiac disease, and wear and tear in my spine bone. I'm in pain every day. I hate it that once I've had an op to get rid of endo it comes back. I really want to get a part time job but my pains are stopping me. My hubby is stressed as he's the only one who is working.

I spoke to my private surgeon and my GP and they both think that I will have to have another op sometime this year. But first they want to try zolodex injection for 3 months to see if it helps, I told them I've had them before and it didn't help but they want to give it another try.

Having had so many ops you'd think I would be used to it but I'm always terrified of having an op.

Sorry for rambling I don't really have anyone to talk to who is going through the same thing as me. I'm just feeling depressed and dizzy, weak.

Hope you're feeling better than me.


embo31 in reply to Sweetyassi

no same as you a little i'm currently on tramadol and gabapentin it still not taking pain away it getting worse the pain in my pelvis endometriosis defiantly as a lot to answer for your alone feeling depressed and alone that's how i feel each day since losing my right ovary it makes me feel less of a women and angry that my body let me down

but don't feel bad if you ever want anyone to talk to then please do talk to me anytime your not alone sorry i took so long to answer just not had any energy to do much recently i have days where i isolate myself from pretty much everything its wrong but its the only way i know how its just a odd part of being me unfortunately ..lol.. anyway how are you today ?

embo31 in reply to embo31

not alone i ment

Sweetyassi in reply to embo31


That's okay, I've been trying to keep myself busy so I don't think about my pains.

Came back from seeing GP and I have very high levels of inflamation which is why I'm feeling so exhausted all the time. GP said its due to Endo that I keep getting high inflamation but no infection detected. I'm due to have 3 injections of Zoladex to see if that helps me.

How are you doing today?


Do you mean like traces of blood that can only be detected with a test. If so I've had that for ages. GP didn't want to know. Had total hysterectomy, ovary removal and excision on Thursday . Came home today and was reading discharge letter and found out it is because of kidney damage, which is cause by the fact that I'm not drinking enough. I feel really angry as GP should have taken it more seriously. If it hadn't been for my op I would never of known. Now I know I can correct it by making sure I during enough.

yes , traces of white and red blood cells also abnormal cells it wasn't high protein levels it was abnormal cells but still my GP will not do anything she told me to get in touch with my consultant she going to leave it as that but i,m not seeing my consultant until may how ever i did get in touch with the enquirer department at the hospital via email give them my nhs number and so on told them to pass it on to the right department because i don't know about anyone else but i have trouble when phoning up they wount put me through to anyone but going through the enquirer department worked they passed it on to my consultant and the nurse that works with my consultant now iv been put on the cancellation list so hopefully be seen before may ......

anyway how do you feel today ? hope all is well ?

JeanOsborne in reply to embo31

Hi Hun i feel pretty good. Knowing what I know now I would go back to GP and demand that they tell you why there is blood in your urine and if it is effecting your kidneys. I could just be that like me you're not drinking enough.

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