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Unbearable pain and emotions

Hi all

I am new here was diagnosed with endo in November after a laposcopy. I had no follow up after the surgery. The told me I had superficial endo and that they had removed it. 2 weeks after and I was back to square one. They put me onto the pill to bring back my periods as I have had any since March. The pain is conic, everyday. My moods can swing from low to high at the drop of a hat. I've lately found just tears fall down my face and I don't know why. I'm due to go back to the gyno on the 6th June after pestering the Dr. Should the pain have come back that quickly? I now have 1 week max a month when I'm not bleeding although it's not a period ( sorry if this is tmi), but it's like brim flesh coming out. Any ideas? Does this sound right or normal?

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Hi, so sorry your in the same situation as before you op, unfortunately I am the same, I had a lap in march last yrar and a hysterectomy in july for adenomyosis, I'm still in pain and now awaiting op number 3 but thankfully this time with a bsge centre, specialist,

No off what you said is normal, and general gyne tend to missendo, so if I was you I would request that your gp refers you straight to a bsge centre, find one online, and take it to gp,

Good luck


Can you describe your pain?


Constant like someone has a knife inside me trying to cut out. I have tradmol which don't touch it they make me sleep which isn't an option when I have 2 kids to look after

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