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When to try for a baby?

Hi ladies, 3 years ago i had endo removed. It came back :( so i had it removed around 2-3 weeks ago again. The 1st time there was a few adehsions on my pelvis, this time there was alot and mostly over my bowel. Im 24, work as a support worker but for the last year have also been attending college, i finish college in around 4 weeks im wanting to progress and join a ambulance trust as a student paramedic. Anyway my question is do i do that when the job comes out this year and train for 30 months to ve qualified paramedic or do i try for a baby as ive heard the sooner the better if you suffer from endo.!i have 5 years from june until my new qualification runs out. I just dont know what to do! Help please 

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I would defo do your career stuff first :) if you are worried, have some eggs frozen then you have the security of knowing you have the eggs there! Talk to your gyno tho. i was pleasantly surprised to be told that even tho i have endo my ovaries are functioning well and my uterus is healthy for a pregnancy.

K x

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Hi, hanfan, sorry you are going through a worrying time. No one can really tell you what to do for the best because things are so different for each individual. 

My experience is that I was diagnosed with endo last year but I have had symptoms since I was a teenager, I am now 36. My symptoms have been pretty much the same since I was 14 though. I had 2 children in my early 20s which were easily conceived. I tried to have another baby in my 30s, I tried for over 3 years and it didn't happen, now I know for sure my Fallopian tubes are both blocked, I have severe endo and suspected adenomyosis. I would have loved another child but have now opted for a hysterectomy and endo removal.

The good news is though if I hadn't already have had 2 children the surgeons would have pulled out all of the stops to help me conceive. They basically told me it's down to money, if I could pay privately (which I can't afford) I would have a good chance of a pregnancy through IVF after endo removal as my ovaries are still producing lots of eggs. If I didn't already have 2 children they would have helped me on the NHS.

As you don't have any children I'm sure you would get the help you need when it comes to you being ready for a child. As someone has already mentioned you could ask about egg freezing. The problem is you could try tomorrow and might have difficulty or conceive easily or you could try in 10 years and have the same outcome. Obviously having endo makes matters more tricky but no one is guaranteed to conceive and there is no way of knowing how it's going to go.

Have you got a partner? If so what do they think? Personally when it came to having children I had mine when I had an urge to have them, I was 21 and 24 but I met my husband at 16 and after a few years I was just ready. When I started getting towards 30 I really wanted another but it hasn't happened. In a way in knowing it's definitely not going to has helped me to move on.

I really hope things go well for you in you career and in having children too



Hi thankyou for telling me your story. I feel like im ready now to have children but its hard to make the right decision. Im due back to see my specialist in june so im going to wait until then to make a final decision i think 


It is a big decision, maybe just write down all of your worries and go through it all with the specialist. There is pros and cons to having children at any age. Good luck with it all xx

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