Praying for a baby every night

Hi my name is cassy I have been trying with my partner for 6 years now to have a child. I went to my doctors and have been for every test under the sun I have repeated some twice . I have been in pain for a long time now it had become the normality . and a few weeks ago there have told me that I need to go in for surgery because they think the endo has spread to my bowels not just my uterus I hope and pray every night that this would just disappear I ask myself why me do I not deserve a chance to be a mum and just hope one day life will give me a chance.

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  • Hello

    Ever so sorry to here what you are experiencing.

    I don't have any experience of this myself ( other tham having endo) but my sister is currently in the same position as yourself has pcos and endo and has had 5 failed rounds of Ivf and a eptopic pregnancy.

    It's absolutely heartbreaking when it's all you want so so badly.

    Please do not give up hope.

    Are you trying everything you can from a natural approach? for example supplements they aren't a miracle but i have heard diet change and supplement have helped some people achieve this.

    I really hope your wish comes true soon and you become a mother soon xx

  • Hi thank you for your message back ir means a lot . I have tried everything I Google and speak to people all the time and think of things I aint doing but I couldn't possible do anymore . I think it's up to faith now wethere it wants or thinks I deserve to be a mum I always think and believe that maybe I was a bad person in a past life . I am waiting for another operation now to see how far this disease has spread x

  • Aw hun

    That's awful that you feel that way. Don't doubt yourself I'm sure you have not done anything to deserve what you are experiencing.

    Try to stay strong I know it must be so hard when you want something so badly.

    I hope that your next op goes well and hopefully you conceive before or I have heard a lot have ladies have conceived in the few months after there lap.

    I hope you manage to fulfil your dream of being a mum soon I'm sure you will be amazing. fingers crossed for you xx

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