Having Endo .. when's best time to try for a baby?

I have just had my second lap operation 2 weeks ago, me and my partner are getting married in April and we are wanting to have a child. What and when would be the best time to start trying, as we are scaried that my stage 4 endo would have an impact? All thoughts and experience in conceiving with endo is appreciated.

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  • Hello, i have stage 4 endo, Diagnosed 17th dec ive been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for 18months. Im seeing the specalist on weds for further treatment and advice and a date for my next surgery. I have that on my long list of questions of when i can start trying again after my 2nd lap as they said to stop as at risk of eptopic pregnancy with the endo at the moment, so if i find out any more i will let u know. Xx

  • Thank you for your response and for offering to keep me updated. That would be great. If I hear anything or get info I will let you know also. This finesse is a pain, but it's great to have this forum to communicate to those in a similar situation. X

  • I was told to start trying ASAP after my laparoscopies. But this was never successful. We ended up having IVF, after one attempt I had a total radical excision of my endometriosis and removal of both tubes as they were blocked to improve my chances of the IVF working. After our third attempt I am now 36 weeks pregnant.

    There is hope. I wish you all the best in your journey.


  • Thank you for you response and kind thoughts. I have to see my consultant now in Feb to see how ok went as she didn't tell me much just that I had a big operation as she wants me to heal. Fingers crossed I get pregnant soon as it, have been told it helps endo also. Xx

  • He said need to stop and i cant try until my next op to sort the endo out but said could try straight away after that one, so if uve had your 2nd op, sounds like u could go for it. He did say that if we ever do fall pregnant we need a scan at 7 weeks to check for an eptopic pregnancy as at higher risk with the stage 4 endo.

    Also check your areas policy on ivf as i live in dorset apparently i cant have it on nhs until im 30 so he said to get saving. Xx

  • Thanks for your reply an kind thoughts. Yeah it's something to look into. Thanks again.xx

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