Endo humour- share your funny stories

Here's mine for a starter: I met my new surgeon (male) a few weeks ago ahead of op 3 for endo. He asked me if anything untoward had happened during the last lot of surgery. I explained that the surgeon had accidentally perforated my vagina while removing a recto-vaginal nodule. "That's no big deal. Anything else?" I told him " it's ok for you saying 'it's no big deal. You have no vagina, so what makes you the expert in determining whether or not it's a big deal? If someone perforated your b*llock and I told you 'it's no big deal' you might have a similar response to me". His reply? "Fair point". 

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  • I'm a bit overweight (size 16). When I just came round from anaesthetic my surgeon said to me "you're really messed up inside, you need to get pregnant and just stop eating so much".... No wonder she got that in before I could open my eyes properly....

  • 😂 nice. Getting pregnant seems to be the cure for everything. If only endo didn't cause fertility problems! 😃 

  • And obviously sex was the first thing on my obese mind haha x

  • I love this. It's a brilliant idea :D can't think of a funny story really. but a nurse did mention the other day the whole 'pregnancy helping with endometriosis thing'. As a 33 year  old, very single, gay woman, currently on ESA and trying to finish a masters (part-time cause of being ill) and renting a bedsit I'm not sure this is a such a good idea. And how would I go about it.  I mean should I go out one night 'on the pull' and try a one night stand? Maybe find a gay male friend who'd be up for sharing a kid. Or go down the sperm donation route? I'm joking of course just still find it ludicrous that in the 21st century women are still advised that getting pregnant is a good way to 'cure' a health problem. 

  • Sperm- it cures everything apparently. That, or a course of leeches. 21st century treatments are overrated😄

  • So my options are sperm or leaches .....hmmm...  I choose leeches :D 

  • The most embarrassing aspect of the 'perforated vagina' story was actually being told by the surgeon when I was back in my room and still groggy. My mum (a very sensitive soul) and my best friend were there. When the surgeon explained that he'd perforated my vagina, he said "but it's ok. I sewed it up and checked it was airtight." My friend asked "with what? A bicycle pump?" 😳 My mum never mentions the incident but my friend recounts the story fairly often. They say laughter is the best medicine 😊 

  • Ha ha good on you,  that made me laugh out loud! X

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