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Esmya- positive experiences

Hi, everyone! Has anyone have good experiences about Esmya? Does it work? I am 49 years old lady from Finland and this medicine is quite new here. I have three fibroids about 5-6 cm and many small, "like little potatoes" said my doctor. I have no pain and I feel great, but I do not like if those  "potatoes" groeing. Doctors have different opinions what will be the best way... surgery or not. I will also ask next time about MRI HIFU ultrasound, but there is only one hospital here in FInland where is that MRI HIFU and because that hospital is not in our area it will be difficult to get there. So ... surpice me with the good news of Esmya... but tell the truth.   ;-D

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Hi there, I went on the drug Esmya last year but unfortunately it didn't help me. Luckily I didn't get side effects either but had hoped it might relieve some of my pain slightly. 

I have spoken to a few others who did actually find it worked. For me is was for the endometriosis more than for fibroids which I was told before I started that they had seen good results for that.

Whatever you chose good luck x


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