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Positive quotes for you

Random post but it’s for all of you who are struggling today. Does anyone else have any positive thoughts😘?

Happiness does not depend on what we have but rather on what we think!

Every drop of rain makes the river stronger!

Us girls go through hell with endo and sometimes it causes us loss of money, loss of relationships, no sanity, thoughts that everyone finds us boring and crazy and makes us struggle so we have to really work on our happiness, the pain we can manage sure but it’s just daily pain and intense and it’s all over our body, crippling and it’s never forgiving. But we’ve got through it.

We can’t focus on the holidays, the nights out, the quick trip here and there because we have to plan everything around our fatigue. We can plan a bloody good trip though and make sure we make it.

Our mind is our biggest enemy and if we can train or manage that with positive thinking we can do anything. You already are!

If we think that endo is going to be a burden for the rest of our lives it will (it will be but.....)

If we think endo is a burden to our lives, which we will a lot but then think this is how I’m going to change my lifestyle, work with others who have it and make people aware of the problem etc etc we are managing this burden the best we can.

The river quote couldn’t be anymore true for me, as much as this disease is a curse it’s also a blessing in disguise. Trust me I’m struggling still and that doesn’t seem right coming out of my mouth.

It’s made me appreciate the fewer people who do actually care, it’s made me realise that even through my darkest days I can get myself through anything. I can still go for a walk and I can still lift weights (not for a long time whilst recovering but I will 💪🏼) and it’s this that got me to my fittest place. Albeit not so much now but I know that I’ve been there before with no diagnosis and I will get there again no matter how low my day gets.

I’m here for you all! You can do this!


Ps I’ve only given two as I have too many 😂😊

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You have inside you, exactly what you need for today so use it all up.

Start the next day as a fresh day. As you will have what you need inside you for tomorrow as well.


Some day everything you are going through will make perfect sense.

So, for now smile through the tears, laugh at the confusion and remind yourself that everything will be just fine.


I completely love, accept and forgive myself. Even though I have endometriosis , I choose to release this pain that burdens and frustrates me.


Oh Zonazer, these are beautiful and are going on my favourite list to wake up to in the morning.

You gave me goosebumps and a wee tear to my eye. Thank you 😘.xxxx


Your welcome I found your post every moving and thank you so much for posting. I like things like this as it keeps me positive. xx


Me too❤️.xxxx

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Blessed to have new people like you in my life to chat with. It’s refreshing to meet wonderful people who are with you in this. Hope your doing good today.xxx

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