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Does the coil stop endo coming back?

Hi, I'm 23 and was diagnosed with endo last November aged 22. I was given a lap the next week and was diagnosed with stage 2/3. I had the coil put in at the same time and I was told this would stop endo coming back for good and I have basically been discharged and told there's no need to come back.

I just wanted to know from other people's experience, can the coil actually stop the endrometriosis from growing back? And how do you know if you have endometriosis back? I've been constantly told not to worry and been told that I am now fine after the surgery. However I still get pain and I'm also really confused as to how I will know if it's back. I keep thinking I will have to wait until my later 20s and see if I can conceive or not, and if I struggle only then will I realise it's back. Any help/advice is really appreciated!!

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I am on the coil, pill and zolodex injections to try and stop endo however it's still growing! I don't think this is the case for everyone though, I have met a lot of women who the coil has worked very well for 😊

It's hard to tell when endo is back if you are not experiencing the pain, which some women don't. Just listen to your body and if it doesn't feel right get back to your doctor! Don't feel silly for pestering them (as I used to feel) you are the only one who knows and even though it's hard you will probably need to fight to get the treatment you need

I hope you feel better soon xx


Thanks so much! That really helps. I wish my doctor had explained that a lot more throughly at the time. I hope things get better for you! X


Hi - treatment for endo is based on pain and/or infertility. Any form of contraception will usually only slow down endo unless it is very mild in which case it can regress. In the case of the coil the hormones work locally in the uterus with very little getting into the circulation. So they are likely to have a greater affect on easing period symptoms than controlling endo. You would be better with an oral contraceptive as well. However, assuming that your lap was done in general gynaecology they may not have have treated the endo thoroughly and may well have missed some altogether. 

Depending on the extent of what they did, four months is still quire early days after your lap so I should monitor your symptoms across your whole cycle for a few months and be especially vigilant for any sort of new symptoms such as bowel problems such as IBS and associated pain.  

Given that you want to preserve your fertility as well as ease the pain you are in it looks likely that you will require further treatment so have a look at my posts on the treatment pathway and any others of interest.  


Thank you for your reply. I've been told to come off of my pills before I found out about the endometriosis due to ongoing migraines and was told the coil would prevent the return of endo until I want a child, however after researching that didn't seem to be the case for definite!  I was also diagnosed with IBS already a couple of years ago. 

I will have a look at your posts and maybe try and see another specialist for a second opinion about a plan for the future. I can't believe how vague the information is that I was given considering the long term health implications including the possibility of infertility. 

Thanks again for your helpful reply. 


Hi there, I was advised by my consultant not to get the coil in and told to take the pill continuously. My consultant was very blunt and straight to the point- but like yourself very vague on other subjects such as fertility. Unfortunately in my area we don't have endometriosis specialist nurses at all so I'm turning to this forum to get answers from what diet I should be on to how people managed to get treatment to start a family. There is a book I just recently bought as well and it's been great to get some answers to. It's called the endo patients survival guide. I've only recently been diagnosed this year so I'm looking up everything just now!! Xxx


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