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My story this month

And so the story goes...my sister had booked an afternoon tea for the bank holiday weekend.So we met up to do some shopping before we had our afternoon tea.I wasn't feeling that well before I left home but I thought let me brave it and I didn't want to let my sister down.So we both met and we started our shopping,my pain was getting worse but I thought no I will brave it.Sat down at a shoe shop and the sharp pains were getting intense,i was sweating and disorientated.My sister at this point panicky and shocked to see me in such state.For years I've tried to hide it from my family.I then got up to walk but my legs were like jelly and I collapsed.EVen though I was screaming in pain I could faintly hear everything around me.THe ambulance came and I was taken away to the hospital. Before I had left home I had taken 3 30mg codeine tablets which hadn't touched the pain.GAs and air was given in the ambulance and morphine at the hospital.i was still screaming in pain. hospital weren't that good,they treat it as period pain and I told them I have an ovarian cyst.THey concluded it is a ruptured cyst.THe morphine wasn't good for me my heart rate started to increase was taken to majors.Anti-nausea and iv sodium later I was send home.STill really weak.I worried my family and those around me.THey didn't know what was happening but I knew my story,the one that I have lived for over 15 years.

So for all those women out there this battle is hard but don't let it get to you and we can fight it.WE all worry about our loved ones and how inconvenient we may be on them but they love us.

We can all keep fighting endo and I suppose doctors will never truly understand the pain.

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been there! Mine was in Morrisons...Mine was the start of my period and (unknown) miscarriage, I did a test as soon as I walked in (I made it home it's 2 mins away) and it was positive! I had a telephone consultation with my gp who insisted it was a waterline on the test and I had an infection (with zero face to face) of course bed ridden for best part of a week and this was many years before diagnosis. It's happened a few times since then, I have times when my bp drops and I just pass out like fainting only more like your own description, jelly legs, hearing everything around me as if it's miles away, it's only recently I realized I probably have episodic onset vertigo on occasion I wrote about it a while back 


I've not had the courage to put myself in the position of being at hospital and have them treat me as 'period pain' usually I lock myself away at home and just do what I need to to get through the pain. My partner panics when he sees me sweating and just lost in the pain but he's been around long enough to know to just let me get on with it and do as I ask should I request help of any type. I found 1 codeine and 2 paracetamol (a safe combination) go a lot further in pain control than just one or the other try taking them both together especially before bed with a warm drink, all those niggly aches and pains should go away long enough for you to sleep.

hope you're not over doing it Mrs. you need plenty of rest! When the body says stop we must obey xx


How are you feeling now?


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