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Struggling with the Pill

After going to see the Gynae for suspected endo I was refused a laparoscopy until I had had three months back to back on the combined pill. 

The first month I was on Microgynon 30 but I felt horrendous, really sick and dizzy and couldn't keep food down. So I went to the doctor who changed me onto Loestrin 20. 

Now I am nearly at the end of my first month on Loestrin 20 (second month in total of the pill) and again I feel horrendous, I have awful stomach pains and I have been heavily bleeding for the past five days with the worst "period pains" I have ever had. The bleeding is also massive lumps (sorry for the TMI). 

Is this normal? Stupid question but is this endometreosis coming out?

Has anyone else had this?

I almost feel like I was better off before I went on the pill. 

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Hi, sorry you're struggling. It really annoys me that they refuse to give people a lap even though anything they do until you've had one is just guess work because they can't be sure of a diagnosis without one. Anyway, I had a lap privately a month ago and had endo removed and was then put on the combined pill (Marvelon) for 3 mths with no break to suppress it coming back. I hate fake hormones so I've always avoided taking the pill but given how much I hate endo, I did it anyway. Like you, I've had the sickness, tummy pains and low moods as well since going on it. I don't intend to be on it forever, I'd rather naturally feel what's going on if that makes sense. So you're not alone in feeling that way although you could always let you doctor know and stress how bad the pill is making you feel then perhaps they might reconsider a lap depending on how adamant he or she was? Xx


I tried microgynon for period pains (before my diagnosis) and it also made me incredibly sick. I've tried patches - also the same. The mini pill gave me constant headaches and two weekly bleeds. I'm now on Yasmin which is just about bearable - it is a bit trial and error but don't put up with something that doesn't agree with you if there are other options to try.

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