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Diagnosing adenomyosis

I have likely endo not yet confirmed by lap (due to bilateral endometriomas). I am suspicious I also have adhesions due to previous gyn ops. Been researching endo and its associated effects and on doing so read a book by an excision surgeon who said a bulky womb with normal hysteroscopy with endo or endo symptoms is nearly always adenomyosis. Would you agree in your experience and if so how were you diagnosed? Don't want gynae to think I'm bonkers. I'm not convinced she is an endo expert and tried to tell me endometriomas were not indicative of moderate/severe endo but everything else said it is.

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I also did not mate the lap.for diagnose,because I found that it's a risck to spread endo in your body.


Hi, I had adenomyosis. I was only diagnosed with it after my hysterectomy. There is no confirmed diagnosis I don't think.. Good luck..xx


Hi, I was diagnosed with adenomyosis from an MRI but I don't know if you can always diagnose this way. Have you had one?


I've been diagnosed with Adenomyosis, my consultant suspected it on examination due to tenderness and my womb being swollen then confirmed at lap and laser for endo 2 weeks ago

He has fitted mirena coil so the hormone can shrink my womb as it is resting on my bladder And bowel causing pain when going to toilet,I'm have to wait 3 months for this to work, I think the only cure for it is hysterectomy?


The only cure for adenomyosis is a hysterectomy..x

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