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adenomyosis? And questions

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I know you have told me you can't always see endometriosis on a scan. But. Can you see adenomyosis on a scan? I'm getting really worried that they won't find anything on Wednesday. I have been round all the other departments in the hospital and they not found anything so this is the last thing. My mums friend has endo bad and she keeps saying they never saw it on scans and I'm just like she was feeling. So she says they are bound to find something.

Does any one else find internal examination so painfull? Is that a side effect?


5 Replies

Hello Katie.

Sometimes adenoymosis will show up on a scan. But it is difficult to differentiate adenoymosis from fibroids on the general scans.

The best scan to detect adenoymosis is an MRI scan.

But unfortunately it does seem much more difficult to diagnose then Endo.

Best wishes.



adenomyosisadviceassociatio... is a brilliant website if you haven't yet visited there. It explains about the ways to get a diagnosis and why it is hard to do.

Certianly you have a much better chance of seeing adeno being active when you are on a period and having an MRI scan at that time. The swelling from th bleeds shows up as thickened uterus walls in sections where the adeno is found. Rather like bubbles trapped there making it look lumpy, whereas other conditions tend to give an overall thickening of the uterus wall.

Internal exams are for many of us ridiculously painful, that is usually cause by cervix in the wrong angle and adhesions or scar tissue either on the cervix which gt stretched and break or likewise on the inside or outside surfaces of the vagina.

You cannot cure this issue, however you can take pain killers before an examination, and you can also elect to go to gynae clinics at local hospital to have the procedure done with entonox (gas and air) which does make the experience a little easier to get through. It still hurts like hell, but the entonox does take the edge of the pain.

I don't think most GPs have an inkling just how painful a smear test or internal examination can be for us who have adhesions or a misaligned cervix. You certainly are not alone in this, and when I find a cure for it I will let you know. It is common with all sorts of gynae conditions, and it makes me furious when you get the NHS leaflet inviting you for a smear check and it says "Some women may find it a bit uncomfortable"...... hell that is an understatement !!! They should be honest and instead of torturing us (which they do), they should advise women to get these things done with assistance from anaesthetics every time. Always ask for referral to hospital to have these things done with pain relief.


I had a transvaginal scan today. It was very painful. Doctor was able to see adenamyosis on my scan and also endometriosis behind my bowel. I was seen at an endometriosis centre and the doctor doing the scan was a specialist in endometriosis so knew whats she was looking for. Previous scans have not seen it. Good luck with your appointment and I hope they are able to give you an accurate diagnosis. x


Hope it goes well today. I had a lap last Saturday as I had endo and had a lump removed from my abdo wall back in March. My symptoms didn't go away, in fact they got much worse hence them doing the lap. They found adhesions but i've also been told that I have adenomyosis - perhaps you should push for a lap? Good luck today! X


Hi Katie

I had an MRI scan to see what was causing my pain despite many laps and was diagnosed with adenomyosis from that. The scans are very detailed and the consultant told me I had an area the size of a 10p piece of my womb that was affected.

The major treatment as far as I am aware for adenomyosis is a hysterectomy. Due to it infiltrating the walls of the womb it cannot be excised in some pieces as endo can. Your symptoms may be helped by the insertion of a Mirena coil or by ablation of the lining of the womb but these measures may be a short term solution.

I hope by now you have had some answers to your worries over the MRI scan and have a way forward.

Caroline, x


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