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Adenomyosis but nothing on mri?


Had first lap yesterday after years of pain in my lower abdomen lower back and bowl including rectal spasms

Mri showed nothing at all

Think they were shocked as they found my ovary fused to my bowel quite a lot of scar tissue in various places including pod and think I have adenomyosis as my womb is bulky

I am just very confused as to how it could be as I thought it was diagnosed by mri scan? Any similar experiences?

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Bump for anyone else


Your experience gives me hope. I have had two clear MRI scans and am still in so much pain. Feel like an insane neurotic woman.

I am pushing on for a lap. As I know something isn't right. It's good to know that it isn't always seen on scan. Thank you x x x

MRI does not always show endo ( although it’s the best kind of scan we have to detect it) and sometimes this is the case even with the most specialist Gynaecology radiologist taking and interpreting the images ( this happened to me in a BSGE centre) It’s quite common to have a negative scan but a positive laparoscopy so you’re not on your own!

Hello there!

Thanks for posting your experience!

I had an MRI but it showed nothing, although my gynae felt a hard and big tissue behind my uterus during the pelvic exam and it was clear on the transvaginal ultrasound.

Luckily she'll discuss with the other medical team when my lap will be.

Wishing you a speedy recovery dear xxx

Hi I have adenomyosis and it was diagnosed via MRI x

I have adenomyosis and was diagnosed by internal ultrasound she called it bulky too, not sure about endometriosis as yet as no-one is listening to me because I think I may have that too I have almost every symptom, but adenomyosis has alot of the same symptoms too, 🙄 wishing you a pain free day xx

I’m thinking maybe to ask for internal uss

Gp letter also mentioned corpus luteum cyst. I had one when pregnant but thought it was just pregnancy related

Do they cause pain does anyone know?

Do they need treating?

I have adeno and endo and nothing showed on MRI scans, both only diagnosed in a laparoscopy.

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