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I understand that endo behind the cervix can cause pain with deep sex so my question is does anyone know if this will always show on MRI? I had a lap 2 years ago ( stage 3 I think had left chocolate cyst excised and lots adhesions left fossa and bowel all left side this was done in general gyne) it's seems that my pelvic muscles might have been damaged from this lap and I'm due to see pelvic physio to see if they can help before considering another lap, I didn't start to have pain with sex until 6 months after the lap. Have had very painful cramping after sex severel times before my lap. My pain now isn't cramping but it is such a deep deep pain that is so crippling and lasts for several days... Its all just so confusing knowing whats causing what! any advice would be greatly appreciated Xxx

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  • Yes, this is usually caused by nodules on the uterosacral ligaments (most commonly on the left side) or in the rectovaginal septum and these will show on an MRI but can often be felt by a simple rectovaginal exam. A general gynaecologist operating on you two years ago for stage 3 endo involving the bowel was breaking NHS protocol and should be reported to the RCOG. Have a look at my posts, in particular the ones on US and RV endo and the treatment pathway. 

  • Hi Lindle thankyou for replying, the thing is I had an MRI in November last year ( no dye just buscapan) and it said everything was completely normal, I had had deceptal injections prior to MRI but I guess that wouldn't shrink a nodule anyway, so I was kind of hoping there was a really small chance it just didn't show. Yes I do realise this now and I will make a complaint especially now I know where to go with it.. it's so bad these gynes are doing this.

  • I imagine that the results of MRI will very much depend on the radiographer and are probably not infallible. With endo on the left ovarian fossa and bowel I think it is highly likely you will have it in the POD and that this may have been missed. You can get peritoneal endo and adhesions in the POD too that can all look normal to a general gynae so hopefully a specialist centre will investigate more thoroughly.  

  • I'm under specialist centre now it's also where I had the MRI. When I had my follow up the guy I saw was willing to do a lap but I was reluctant as my daily pain started after my last lap and has gradually worsened and as there was nothing obvious on mri he referred me for pelvic physio to see if that helps. Like you say with what they found on my first lap I would think there was more that wasn't looked for or recognised. I have an open appointment to see him when I've seen a colorecral consultant and taken pill for 3 month and had at least one session with physio. I'm just so confused about it all.

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