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Recovery time?


I have received the date for my first laparoscopy, I will also be having a hysterescopy to remove a polyp at the same time. 

The date is 18th May, this is two weeks before my daughters second birthday and three weeks before a planned trip to peppa pig world with my two children. I'm just wondering how long others took to recover from this kind of op and whether I might be well a few weeks after? 

I know the operation is important and I don't want to put it off unless I have to but I really don't want to spoil my daughters birthday! 

Thanks x

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Hi there, good luck Hun. I took 2 weeks but probably needed 3 before I was able to be mobile and feeling strong. X 


Hi mimi, 

I had my lap 2 months ago (no hysterectomy) and by day 4 was starting to feel better, pesky infection slowed my recovery down  but I'd say I felt ok ish at the end of 1week and by 3 weeks it was just the lingering tiredness which is the last side effect of surgery to go. 


Hello I had my lap op nearly 2 months ago I took 2 weeks before I was recovered but didn't go back to work for 3weeks, buthe down to the individual. 

I healed well and rested well, only now I am doing heavy lifting. 

The worst is the gas inside and found that using a vibration pillow really helped the discomfort and pain (I was sleeping with it on). Also arnica tablets (the stronger ones) as I didn't like taking codine phosphate at all!. 

Like I said rest, so as much resting as you can in the 1st few days, put it this way day 4 I hoovered the house.

Good luck and keep us posted x


I have a lap with removal of Endo on the bowel (possible resection of bowel) scheduled for June. I'm interested in the strength of the Arnica you used and how often did you take them?


Please be very very careful with Arnica, my sister in law is a critical illness nurse and she had a patient in who had taken arnica after surgery and it resulted in catastrophic internal bleeding. Arnica thins the blood so you could bleed excessively during surgery and if you are put on blood thinners after surgery which you may be it could cause all sorts of issues, please just stick to what you are given by the hospital, over the counter, herbal or alternative doesn't mean safe. Rest and fluids are the best advice I can give, good luck with your surgery xx


Thank you for the information. 


It depends from one to another and on the work will be done in the surgery,I had mine four weeks ago, I was stage four and I was able to feel better after two weeks, but till now from time to time I feel few pain. 


Youll be able move about after a week. But the more u rest the quicker youll heal .

 A day out will be fine but you may need rest in bed afterwards.

I was ok after 2 wks. Emotional side is worse makes u teary, which no one warned me about. 

Good luck hun xxx


Hi, you won't be 'well' after two wks but you should be able to handle a low key afternoon party at home or similar location for a 2yr old with the support of family and friends (have stuff organised in advance and give people jobs to do - delegate!) also don't see a problem with an afternoon at a peppa pig thing so long as at least one other person is there to help you.

The hospital will have you up and walking within 24 hrs of the op, you'll just be sore, stiff and feel like crap. Recovery time is generally 3-6wks depending on the severity of Endo found. With severe disease it's 8wks max, if bowel/bladder involvement with multidisciplinary team add on another 4 wks (you'd have been told if more than one specialist operating).

Even with severe disease and major surgery I could always handle an afternoon out after 3 wks. You'll be fine.



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