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Hi I was initially told I had endo 17 years ago at my lap sterilisation. At that time I had no symptoms. During the last 7 years or so I've developed symptoms and had many admissions to hospital due to pain. I've also been given lots of different diagnoses despite me telling them my previous history. I have now managed to be referred to an endo centre and have a lap next week. Whatever is wrong with me has affected nearly all my life and I have lost at least 2 jobs due to sickness levels. I just want to live a normal life and I am pinning all my hopes on this lap to get me sorted. I am just so scared that they won't find anything as my consultant said he had to tell me that in 25% of cases it can just disappear on its own. Has anyone else had this happen. I just want my life back.

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Hello! Ok so you've had lots of admissions for pain. So even at the worst scenario they don't find anything then they have to do more tests to find a cause. There clearly is something wrong so be prepared to get them to work for you to find a cause. It's your life that's being affected.

I've never heard of endo' just disappearing but I'm not a Dr. But I've heard of gynaecologists not seeing what is there due to poor training. Do a little research into your surgeon & good luck xx


Hi Hun , endo does not just disappear. The only way to get rid of endo is with excision. The fact that you're at a endo centre and your consultant has said this is really worrying. I would suggest you seek a different specialist.


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