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170 days of bleeding!!

Hi ladies, I just felt the need to write something. Had my lap in Nov which diagnosed severe endometriosis and I have bled since then. Not heavily, but every. single. day. Tomorrow will be day 170, but the good news is that tomorrow is also my appointment with a specialist at a BSGE centre (I have previously been seen by a general gynaecologist). My lap has left me very unsatisfied as the gynaecologist basically said there was nothing more he could do. I'm hopeful that the specialist will tell me there is something he can do, which I'm kind of expecting will be excision. No one wants the pain and discomfort of surgery of course, but I'm actually hoping that he will suggest that tomorrow so I can hopefully get on with my life without wondering if I have done all I can to improve my condition. If nothing else is improved, I'm desperate for the bleeding to finally stop x

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Hi, I'm so glad you are seeing a bsge specialist, he should be able to help you with a thorough excision op, good luck tomorrow, please let us know the outcome, xx


Thank you, will do x


Sorry to know this. I had similar experiences after my 1st lap and the consultant didn't take the bleeding seriously and didn't give me any treatment. Keep me updated of your appointment and hope it goes well x


Thank you for your reply and sorry to hear you didn't get taken seriously. That makes me more determined to ensure I come out of there with a solution as I've been waiting months for this appointment. I'll let you know how I get on x


170 days of bleeding! I am so sorry for you. I hope all goes well with your consult and future treatment.

As a side note it might be worth exploring the possibility of Adenomyosis as the bleeding you describe is not typical for endo but can be for adeno. Adeno is known as a cousin to endo as they are similar but still differ in pathology & adeno effects the muscle in the walls of the uterus where endo does not. It is not uncommon for endo & adeno to coexist sadly.

Best wishes


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