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Netflix and Chill@will

Hello Everyone ☺ I had a full hysterectomy by keyhole 18/3 and was sent home the next day with strict instructions to take it easy ... After the fear of surgery!! I was genuinely surprised at just how good I felt lol maybe it was the morphine? 

Almost 5 weeks later and my wounds are healing well. From leaving the hospital the most pain I felt was the brutal discomfort of wind and constipation. 😯 Thankfully no bleeding. ☺☺

My eldest introduced me to Netflix to keep my ass quiet 😂 and it has worked. I want to start exercising again ... squat challenge for example 😇 Any advice on when to start? Or continue the pelvic floors? 😇Should I start a new box set?😂

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Personally I would start a new box set, lol, it's 12_ week recovery and even though you might feel great your insides are still healing, please don't go over doing it and the be poorly again, walking and perhaps swimming might me good, xx

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How are you doing today? 

Bless you and thank you very much arhahahha I would of loved to say I will miss those squats but Dexter and I have plans while Breaking Bad 😙 


I had same op as you 5 months ago, I started walking early on & went to gym about 8 weeks after, but was probably too soon as now got a prolapsed bladder 😟, & suffering the effects of this, please take it easy your pelvic floor will thank you 😀


I had a total hysterectomy (ie uterus & cervix removed) for Adenomyosis alongside fairly extensive excision surgery for endo.  I was told by the in-house physio who came to see me before I was discharged from hospital to commence pelvic floor (gentle) exercises daily the day after surgery & to build my walking up 5 mins per week. Initially I laughed as I do a lot of walking thanks to having a very energetic dog. However I was shocked at how tired I felt after the first 5 mins walk! I then paid for a one-off session with a private physio at the 6 week mark as I was keen to get back to the gym. She still felt it was too soon so I think 5 weeks is too soon for anything more vigorous than walking & gentle pelvic floor exercises. The physio limited me to some additional pelvic floor exercises & low, repetitive hand weights (3kgs!). She also said jogging on the treadmill would be okay but not to overdo it. She said the important thing was to never lift anything without bending your knees & nothing too heavy. When I asked what was considered too heavy she said I shouldn't really lift my dog who weighs 12kgs on a daily basis. I used to use 6kg Dumbbells but she said stick to 4kgs & do more repetitions. If in doubt check with your doctor. Best wishes

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In a week I have learnt my lesson. One must crawl before walking. I used to be so active and now I am anxious and excited about no longer feeling this way.

I hear you and commend you for trying atleast. Our dogs 😝 smh if he ever learned he was not human 😭

This forum has helped me gain strength and most of all knowledge. I didn't even know I had endometriosis until they removed my womb and now it all makes sense.  The tiredness is real. I scoffed too at walking until I tried to be me and do a little retail shopping. 😣 I am still tired and look it 💭👀

The gym can wait. It all can until WE are ready. 

Thank you and take good care of yourself 🙏


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