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The pill for endo

Hi all, I've just got back from my lap follow up appointment and she's prescribed me a continuous course of combined pill (Marvelon) for 9 weeks with a 1 week break after that. I'm 35 and have never taken the pill and to be honest, I hate the idea of taking hormones but has anyone has had this continuous course prescribed to keep endo at bay and is Marvelon ok? Thanks! 

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Hi AnnaB

I was taking cerazette which is a POP pill for 5 years following a ovarian cyst and it worked wonders for me no period no pain no nothing :) i didnt have any problems with it until my period came back worse than ever. Now going through the motions of endo appointments. I am no taking it again after a 3 month break my Dr just wanted to see if it made any  difference but it didnt. I was the same as you didnt like the idea of hormone treatments at first but i have to say it was worth it for me, it might take trying a few different pills to find the one that suits you best, It does take a few months for your body to get used to it so dont panic to much in the first few months of you get irregular bleeding/spotting cause i did.

Hope this helped bit x 


That really helps, thanks very much for that. It's nice to know I'm not alone. Hope you get sorted, endometriosis is rubbish..! Xx

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I used to take the pill for 3 months continuously, then have a 7 days break. But I have taken it for 5 months continuously before. (The pill was yasmin)

I am 70% sure I have taken marvelon in the past, I was much younger  (around 19) and ithe made my breast swell, I went up a cup size. And they were super tender.

I know some people take the pill for a long time without having a break. It all depends on what suits you. And it can take a while for your body to settle down, I think they usually say give it 3 months. 

I didn't like being on the pill because when I did have a break the bleed would be very heavy, and painful. But one of the positive was that I would only have 4 periods a year.


Thanks Caroline, I'll just give it some time to sink in and see how it feels. I'm sure whatever happens it'll be a bit nicer than endometriosis coming back! Really appreciate your response, thank you. Xx


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