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I'm so mad today sorry to rant but could literally cry, just had my app with consultant, scans all clear but they want me to have the coil again and prostrap for 3 months see me again after that..... I'm in agony with back legs constant pressure in my vagina & bum then he said might have mild endo.  Just want to cry...... What to do next? Any help would appreciate it x

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No body can say you could have mild endo, unless you have a laparoscopy, are you under a bsge centre,? Don't let them bully you into getting or taking anything, if you want a laparoscopy, to diagnose, tell him, your not happy to take something without being diagnosed first, good luck x


Hi I totally agree with Tboag.


I got diagnosed last week by mri I've not had a laparoscopy but mri showed deep endo xx


I would advise you to get a second opinion, don't let them bully you into doing something you don't want to do. To be properly diagnosed you need a laparoscopy. Also, if they say you have mild endo by giving you coil andprostap it will only mask your symptoms. If the endo is there, it will continue to grow. I'm speaking from experience and it happened to me, I was fobbed off for years until I've had enough and basically demanded a laparoscopy. I used to agree with all the doctors said to me but then I came to realise it was MY body and MY pain and I want something done. Good luck :) 


Hi - this has been going on for long enough now. You are displaying all the symptoms of rectovaginal endo and someone should be taking you seriously. It won't always show on scans as it would depend on how bad it is but a little bit of endo on your uterosacral ligaments (behind the uterus near the bowel) can cause all the pain you are having. There is a procedure to be followed and if you want a diagnostic lap then you have to be given one. Where in the UK are you?

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Hi lindle I'm in Staffordshire so already under a bgse centre. I ended up going back to my doctor as I wasn't happy with the consultant. She's put me on the pill for 3 months to monitor my symptons again and to wait for my back MRI results to come through. She doesn't want me to take prostap yet. Just this back and leg pain is driving me mad and the pressure feeling is like been in labour everyday. Thank you for your reply xxxx


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