Hi ladies  Just wondered if anyone has had the injection they give for endo and if so what are the side effects and has it helped anyone? I've just had endo removed from 7 places and a coil fitted but was bleeding and in so much pain I went to hospital to have a scan and offered the injection which I've had after bad news and not in the right head space to really take it in any help will be grateful x

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  • Hi sam I am currently into my second prostap injection and feel great... besides from the bone pain and weight gain that is. I am on HRT too. If you read my blog it will tell you everything. I need to loose weight getting me down now but apart from that the injections really do control your pain x

  • I asked about weight gain and they said yeah it can course this but if your out of pain you can then exercise I've also got the coil too and hoping only to have the injections for a few months which then the coil should kick in. Just want to be out of pain so I can enjoy my 3 yr old son instead of saying mummy's got a tummy ache, thank you for replying as this has made me feel better about having it done so hopefully after a couple of weeks no more pain killers xx

  • I'm on prostrap. I have previously completed two sets of six over the last three years and they were like a miracle. Everything settled and I was like a new person. I literally am on injection one in a new course as I type and so far I hate it this time. I can't sleep properly for some reason and my ovaries feel like they are in a vice. I know this will settle though In time. Good luck with the treatment xxx

  • Hi, I've just had my 2nd zolodez injection, and so far no change, first few weeks my boobs killed, and I've been getting a few head ache s, I'm on hrt too, so the side affects could be from either, my pain hasn't changed as yet, but I've got everything crossed that will still happen, xxx

  • Hello. I've had 6 injections my last was in January.  I've got the coil as well.  I lost weight on the injections lost over a stone. It took all pain away but had some horrible side effects. I've never sweated so much in my life. Didn't sleep that great and when a hot flush started It was horrible but I always told myself that as soon as they come they go. All my pain has started again I've had a horrible period and feel pretty rubbish. When I was on injections I had loads of compliments on how well I looked. Fingers crossed it helps you. 😀

  • I have not been diagnosed yet but I am on my 3rd monthly Prostap injection to see if it helped my pain. Generally my pain is better except around when my period would normally be (had period after first injection but not after 2nd or 3rd). I still find if I do too much I get my aches in back, bum and top of leg. I am not on HRT either and only side effect I am getting is then occasional sweat when in bed so I chuck my duvet off and I am fine. Each everyone seems to react differently but I hope they work for you X

  • Hi there, I had a spell on prostap for 12 months. It worked great for me. Eased the pains and mood was sooo much better which is the main thing I suffer with. Didn't really gain weight, I'm fact I lost it. Hot flushes were managed fine and especially with a low dose of hrt. I too was apprehensive about having this but it really benefitted me. Good luck and I hope it works for you xx

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